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Relocate images
Posted: 19 Apr 16, 13:07
This little tool can help you to relocate all the missing images (broken links) in an album. Useful when you moved your Pictures folder to another drive (or to another folder). It will automatically crawl through the album and try to find the missing images in the new location. If it can't find the same image in the new location it will not touch the link. You can later fix the broken link(s) with jAlbum's built-in "Repair link" tool - just right-click a broken thumbnail and select "Repair link". jAlbum can only repair links in a single folder though.

1. Download the attachment
2. Open the "Config directory" (Ctrl-Shift-C or Tools -> Open directories -> Config directory)
3. Create a folder "tools" if not exists yet
4. Copy (or move) the downloaded .bsh file here

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Re: Relocate images
Posted: 19 Apr 16, 13:47   in response to: Laza in response to: Laza
Please attach the tool!

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Re: Relocate images
Posted: 19 Apr 16, 15:05   in response to: JeffTucker in response to: JeffTucker
Ooops :)
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