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Posted: 03-Apr-2014 22:52
Gromit version 56 is available here:

  • Additional control over title, description, and info page colors when using the Custom style. If you have an existing project that used the Custom style, the skin will make an educated guess about the correct choices for the colors that may now be specified, but you should inspect the colors on the Custom tab when re-opening that project.
  • Color settings for text and icons that overlay a theme image moved to the Custom tab. The preset styles default to white text and almost-white icons. If you have an existing project that used one of the preset styles, but on which you had changed the theme image text or icon colors, you will need to switch to the Custom style to make those changes.
  • Font settings for text that overlays a theme image moved to the Fonts tab.
  • Method for choosing not to display the album title and/or description overlays on theme images changed. If you want to eliminate either of these, set the font size for them to zero.
  • Changes to keyboard navigation.
  • CSS changes to the info page to improve the layout when the text is not extensive.
  • Info page scripts moved from inline to minified file.
  • More selective loading of swipe scripts on index page.
  • Support for legacy thumbnail links to external sites removed (originally deprecated in version 46 - see the full release notes). If you want a thumbnail to open another web page, you must use a jAlbum web location.
  • Video looping (auto-repeat) now limited to self-hosted videos.

Sample albums & user's manual:

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