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Posted: 17-Apr-2013 12:57
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Time for an update, as of jAlbum 19.2, 4-Jan-2020.

Bugs that deserve attention because the results of them are especially ugly:

  • Wrong videoPath under certain conditions. See
  • Missing representing image for excluded folder (should be generic icon). See
  • jAlbum allows a user to name a folder slides or thumbs, which produces bizarre results in a project.
  • If a user chooses "..." as the image bounds, but doesn't enter any values, then hits OK, there's a console error dump, and Make Album won't work. If the user then chooses another skin, he gets a popup error dump. This should be handled more gracefully, perhaps by returning to the previously-selected bounds when no values are entered.
  • The FixedShapeFilter produces images in the same aspect ratio (as it should), but not always of the same size. For thumbnails, the result is, bizarrely, dependent upon the slide image bounds. This has started producing actual display errors in newer skins, which often use larger thumbnail image bounds. For slide images, there is almost no way to produce images that are all the same size, even if the originals are much larger than the slide image bounds. See:

Bugs that produce errors or unexpected results, but that aren't often encountered:

  • Inconsistent regeneration of slide images when metadata are changed. See
  • Inconsistent video metadata - a known problem with metadata-extractor, which is not thread safe. See
  • Changing the default file naming from index and .html doesn't clear out the older files - you end up with, for example, both index.html and index.php. Uploading both index.html and index.php could produce some very puzzling results, depending upon server configuration.
  • If project loading is slow, the user can "beat it to the punch," and get to the settings panels before the project is loaded, resulting in random default values rather than the saved project values. Haven't seen reports of this one in a while, and it may be limited to BluPlusPlus. This is rare but nasty, because the results can be a mess, and difficult to recover from if the user doesn't have good backups. Some basic thread-locking in the loader should cure it. See:
  • In video metadata, "Creation time" is showing UTC, which is all that most videos provide, but is one hour off if video recorded during daylight saving time. Appears to be a metadata extractor bug. Extractor also appends time zone to string results for things like creation time, but this is just wrong - there is no time zone info in the video. It appears to be simply grabbing the user's current time zone. Theoretically fixed in an as-yet unreleased version of the extractor, but that seems to have its own problems. See:

Minor usability bugs:

  • If a project contains only webLocations, automatic folder thumbnail selection sometimes fails. Switching between projects like this sometimes produces a display error. See:
  • Integrated browser doesn't support CSS perspective (Pluto needs this), custom cursors, and some border styles. See:
  • "List metadata" tool sometimes doesn't provide correct information. See:
  • File selector for webLocation representing images doesn't remember location.
  • After deletion of a user-installed skin, and notification that the bundled version is still present, the skin doesn't reload. The settings tabs from the deleted version remain.
  • Changing skin or jAlbum settings that should trigger a change in the theme image crop mask don't trigger the change until the user closes the settings panel or clicks Make Album. That means that the theme image crop focus panel isn't always getting updated when it should be.

Bugs that are difficult to reproduce:

  • A user can get seemingly-impossible null variable errors. This can't be reproduced, and the cause is unknown, but it appears to occur when a skin update is installed while a project is open. When installing a skin update, jAlbum should close the active project, offering to save it if necessary. See:

Minor annoyances, or very rare cases:

  • If an album contains no representing image (an album of all PDF's, e.g.), the upload routine fails to create a profile page entry for the album. See
  • If a skin's file includes fullSiteSupport=false, the New Page > Empty page choice should be grayed out. See
  • Audio file with related THM, plus Link to originals, does not produce a slide image - same for PDF, or any other unsupported object (OK for similar video situation). Fixed in the Gromit and Jupiter skin coding, the only places in which my skins support audio files. Breaks Tiger.

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