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Using Widgets
Posted: 30-Jan-2012 00:31
Starting with jAlbum version 10.9, you can manage widgets from within the jAlbum application. With the album project open in the application, go to Album > Settings > Widgets, and choose the widgets you want to include in your album. That page will warn you if you need to do anything else, like signing in to the application and/or enabling widget support, and it gives you simple buttons to click to do those things.

Managing widgets from within the application is now the preferred method, but it is still possible to manage the widgets in an album from your profile page on the jAlbum website. Hover on the thumbnail for the album, and choose Edit album. Click Show on the line next to Select widgets. Choose the widgets you want to include, then click Save.

If you use a standalone FTP program to upload your albums to your own web host, the albums will not be automatically listed on your profile page, and widgets will not work. You can manually list albums by going to your profile page, and choosing Albums from the drop-down menu below your username.

Or, you can choose Detailed view (at lower right, below the album thumbnails).

In either case, you can then choose Add external album.

You can then enter the full URL to your album and select a thumbnail image to represent it. Once this has been done, the widgets you've chosen to include in your album should become active.

Posts: 32,124
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Re: Using Widgets
Posted: 27-Nov-2013 22:43   in response to: jGromit in response to: jGromit
If you're having problems with doing any of this, and you're using IE11, try another browser. There are some known problems with the "add an external album" routine in IE11, which are being worked on. But in the meantime, Chrome or Firefox is a better bet.

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