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Mirage 9 – YouTube, Vimeo, Web Locations
Posted: 02-Jul-2017 20:52
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Mirage 9 is available. This note describes the main changes.

1) For a few years, Mirage has supported Internet Shortcuts, which can be used for YouTube or Vimeo videos, links to other albums and links to external web pages.
This feature has been enhanced. These enhancements are available in all versions of jAlbum that are compatible with Mirage.
  • For YouTube and Vimeo videos, you no longer need to provide a thumbnail and the video dimensions, These are determined automatically, and the dimensions are usually set to the "image bounds" setting. Mirage and YouTube negotiate the quality setting; this may cause the video size to be reduced if the video is only available in low quality. Examples
  • Previously, a linked web page was shown in a separate web browser tab; this caused you to leave the album. Now, the linked page is embedded in a slide page. This allows you to use the album navigation buttons when you view the page. Example
  • However, some web pages are configured to only allow embedding in the same domain. When you link to such a page, you will see a slide page with a blank body. To handle this situation, check the "New Window" setting; this causes the page to open in a separate browser tab.
2) Web Locations are supported in jAlbum 14.
  • These are very similar to Internet Shortcuts. YouTube, Vimeo, linked albums and web pages are handled in the same way as Internet Shortcuts. Example
3) Internet Shortcut or Web Location?
  • You should use Web Locations if possible, because these are portable to other skins. As far as I know, Internet Shortcuts are specific to Mirage.

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