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Galleria: adding paragraph spacing to text sections
Posted: 30-Dec-2014 04:05
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I would like to add spacing between paragraphs and sentences in my biosketch section and about section. Is there a way to do this in Galleria skin? The text currently is one square block of text.

see url

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Galleria: Re: adding paragraph spacing to text sections
Posted: 30-Dec-2014 06:36   in response to: GrahamRyan in response to: GrahamRyan
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I'm actually surprised you're getting away with doing this at all. You're using the template pages from Turtle (About.htt, for example), but in a Galleria album. I would have predicted an even poorer result. It "sort of" works, but as you're discovering, it's not a perfect fit.

The heart of the problem is that HTML doesn't pay any attention to carriage returns/line feeds. It understands only HTML layout tags, like <p> and <br>. Turtle takes care of doing the conversion for you, but Galleria doesn't. And since Galleria has its own CSS, it spreads the "about" text across the full width of the browser, which is probably not the appearance you're after.

For the "about" page, you should enter your text with some formatting built into it. Wrap each paragraph in <p> and </p> tags. Then wrap the whole thing in a <div> that left-aligns the text, sets a width for the whole thing (you can tinker with the value), and finally centers it on the page:
<div style="text-align: left; width: 700px; margin: 0 auto;">
<p>Graham Ryan has been taking photographs since she was a child. It first started with Polaroid’s, disposable 35 mm and 110 mm cameras.  Never one to take just portraits of friends and family, she has been capturing strangers, innate objects and nature from the beginning. She has learned not to see photographs only through a camera lens, or art only with her eyes, but to allow herself to feel and imagine the story, to spend time with a painting, to view a photograph, and close her eyes and allow herself to transfer visions and colors to taste, smell, imagine the texture or the sound. In turn this awakens emotions such as love, hate, happiness, sadness, anger, loneliness, to be felt from the heart.</p>
<p>In 1978 when she was 16 and graduated from high school; her father gave her $500 to do what she pleased.  What pleased her was her first real 35 mm camera, the Nikon FM. Even today, she feels it was the best purchase she ever made. Her world expanded to a more intimate world, close-ups, capturing live concerts, travel, the world beautiful, sad, angry, real and imaginary. During this time, Graham worked a number of years in photofinishing, printing odd size film, 35mm, 126 mm, 110 mm, damaged negatives, law enforcements film, correcting peoples mistakes and reprinting film shot incorrectly. She learned about hues, color balance, exposures, and format, and to view life through the other people’s  perceptions. Today, she continues to experiment with light, technology, print material and her imagination.</p>
The "expo" material needs a similar treatment, though if you're happy with everything being centered, you can dispense with the outer <div> wrapper. Here, you can use <br> tags to get line feeds without adding empty lines:
<p>On the Edge Art Gallery – San Diego, CA<br>
Winters Edge Exhibition<br>
November 22, 2014 – February 1, 2015</p>
<p>On the Edge Art Gallery – San Diego, CA<br>
Fruits of Your Labor Exhibition<br>
August 23 – November 1, 2014</p>
<p>San Diego Art Institute – Balboa Park, San Diego, CA<br>
Regional Juried Show Exhibition<br>
August/September 2014</p>

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