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Re: jAlbum 18.5 beta for testing
General discussion, 15-Sep-2019
You have to remember that you're dealing with a small group of people, most of whom are hard-presse...
Re: Head Page and Search links.
General discussion, 15-Sep-2019
The easiest way to be able to search all of your jAlbum based images is to make just one project, wi...
Re: jAlbum 18.5 beta for testing
General discussion, 14-Sep-2019
If you use the latter method, your skin can't be used in anything before 18.5. So, use the latter m...
Re: jAlbum 18.5 beta for testing
General discussion, 14-Sep-2019
I think we've got the wrong end of the stick, here. Putting that client property call on a field wo...


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Bug reports, 19-Oct-2018
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