Announcement: You do changes to the skin files but nothing has changed
Posted By: Laza
Posted: 29-Sep-2010 23:00
Answer: You might editing the wrong copy of the skin.

With Jalbum all the bundled skins are installed in the application folder:
C:\Program Files\Jalbum\skin\Turtle or
C:\Program Files (x86)\Jalbum\skin\Turtle or

But after updating these skins they are installed into the user folder:
C:\Users\ name \AppData\Roaming\Jalbum\skins\Turtle or
Mac/Users/ user /Library/Jalbum/skins/Turtle

The skin in the user folder takes precedence. So if you just edit the files in the Program Files folder while there is a second copy installed in the user folder you will see no change in the album. Always use the Ctrl-Alt-S key combination or Tools/Open Directories/Skin directory from Jalbum to go to the real skin folder or use Jalbum's built-in editor. Tools/Skin developer/Edit skin files