Announcement: Tips for using Turtle skin
Posted By: Laza
Posted: 04-Jun-2010 13:31
Background music
If you want to add background music (mp3 format) to your album just drag and drop some music file(s) onto the Jalbum window (at any position), and Turtle will handle it - adds a player, and hides the audio files from the normal album. You can control if the audio starts automatically on the Settings / Turtle / Video and Audio panel.

Reducing the splash image size
If most of your visitors using laptops or other low resolution devices you might want to reduce the splash image height. E.g. 750x250px should work even on 800x600px screens.

Excluding the splash image
If you don't want the splash image to appear within the normal images, first 'Make' the album the usual way, then exclude the image (with the exlude button or '-' key) and Make it again. (Make sure the Tools / Preferences / Album / Synchronize output directory is turned off.)

Different shopping options per picture
You can add individual shopping options to pictures at the Image data -> Shopping options box in the bottom right corner in Edit mode (see at Maps section). For pictures with no individual data the defaults will be used from the Selling photos panel.

SEO optimization
Being a Javascript-based skin, Turtle doesn't load all the images when you navigate to an album. Unfortunately Search Engine bots don't navigate through an album like a human would do, so if you want your pictures be indexed you need to do it other way. Turtle is using the <noscript> tag to present an album to those with turned off Javascript and to bots. If you want this go to Settings / Turtle / Advanced panel and turn on Add content for Javascript disabled browsers.