Announcement: How to publish to
Posted By: bjornfant
Posted: 20-Oct-2010 10:26
By popular demand here is the answer to the question on how to use Jalbum on your own site. Thanks to Skifreak for posting this brief tutorial (slightly edited).

Do this...

1. Start Jalbum.
2. Open an album that you want to upload.
3. Click the arrow on the "Publish" button and select "Publish/Manage...." A window will open now that lists your FTP-account profiles. You need to create a new profile for
4. Click the "Add", select "Use an existing account on another server" and click "OK".
5. Fill in the FTP server name and user name and password for
6. Click "Connect", select the appropriate place to publish the album and then press the "Upload".
7. When the album is uploaded, you change your home page (your index.html file) for to add a link to your new album.