Announcement: FAQ - Storage at
Posted By: observer
Posted: 16-Sep-2011 15:38
Q. Is jAlbum storage only for hosting albums?
A. Yes and no, it is a general hosting solution, although it's tailored to the needs of jAlbum users, so that they have an easy way to share their albums. With themes, share, privacy and password protect options.

Q. Do you support PHP?
A. No

Q. Do I have to use the jAlbum client to publish to my jAlbum storage?
A. No, you can use any SFTP (secure ftp) capable software. For Windows, we recommend the free FileZilla or WinSCP, and for Mac we can recommend the free FileZilla and Cyberduck client. Note however that since jAlbum 7.3, jAlbum can now publish any file or folder by dragging and dropping them onto the publish window of jAlbum. When publishing to our storage, the jAlbum app is MUCH faster than ordinary SFTP software because it's optimized to work with our servers.

Q: I've changed my password at and now I can't connect to my jAlbum storage with the application because I get a " Auth Fail" error message.
A: From the top menu inside the jAlbum application, select Tools > Publish/Manage. Select your account, and enter your new password in the password box.

Q. I'd like to see support for {enter advanced hosting feature here}...
A. Please let us know about your wishes, but we also need to say that the jAlbum storage doesn't try to compete with all the features of a generic web host. We try to be the easiest way for you to host your jAlbum albums.