Announcement: The guest book doesn't work? Please read this before posting a new thread!
Posted By: Laza
Posted: 05-Sep-2010 20:37
Making work the guest book is not always trivial, for it takes more than just uploading files. You also need to change some settings on your server which cannot be done by JAlbum's built-in publishing feature. Check the following:

1. Note, the guest book will not work from the local disk, because it stores its entries through a server based PHP scriptlet. So you might see the guest book - even can add a new entry - it will not be stored.

2. To be able to add entries on a server the /guestbook folder need to be write-enabled.
  • Use the CHMOD 755 command from the shell.
  • or change it with an FTP program (e.g. Right click + Properties + Owner: Read+Write+Execute, Group: Read+Execute, Public: Read+Execute).
  • or you can use the integrated cPanel or other server configuration tool to change the permissions.
Some servers might need the 777 setting.

3. Some PHP versions: 4.05, 4.10 has a bug which prevented writing the XML file from Flash. Use Chameleon versions above 4.10 which has a workaround for this problem.

4. You need to have permission to run PHP scripts on your web-server. Consult your server documentation/staff if this is enabled.

5. If your site is hosted on a Windows server make sure Microsoft IIS server is configured properly.
Solution posted by rauleigh
Got it!!! The PHP install incorrectly sets the application extention to the PHP exe. In IIS if you go the to Home Directory tab for the web site then select configuration. Scroll down to the .PHP extention and make sure that the path to the PHP exe is like this "C:\Program files\PHP\php-cgi.exe" NOT the c:\progra~1 etc that the PHP installer uses - it does not work. Once this was changed and note it needs the full quotes then my PHP started working. Hope this helps.

6. Using special characters, espacially & in file and folder names will stop guestbook working, because that character is preserved in Flash for separate parameters in program calling. Also not all the servers can handle extended (language-specific) characters in filenames.

7. Using long filenames ending with numbers can trick some servers into thinking they are only the versions of the same file and serve the wrong guestbook entries file from the cache.

Using guestbook on

The guestbook may not be used in an album hosted on, because the server no longer supports PHP.

Disabling the Guest book

There are two types of guest books: Index page and Slide page. To turn off/on them go to Settings / Chameleon / Guestbook

Guest book administration tool

No such is available yet, and I'm afraid that would open the door for the guest book spammer robots.

Removing entries from guestbook

You can edit the corresponding XML file in the /guestbook folder with an UTF-8 capable text editor, like Notepad. Some FTP clients also have a built-in text editor which can be used. Be aware that not all editors can handle extended characters - make a backup first. The entries are marked by the <entry>....</entry> delimiters, you need to remove one entry with these tags included.