Announcement: Important - Please read this before posting!
Posted By: AnCa
Posted: 22-Sep-2011 22:22
FotoPlayer skin related guidelines:

1. If you've any issues with the generated album, please upload a test album to your site and post the link. Its easy to find the cause if we can see the issue.
(If you don't want to share it on public forum, you can send the link by email)
2. Skin is fully documented. Take some time to read thru the help topics at
3. Please do not post queries related to FotoPlayer license or post album issues generated with licensed version. The best way is to contact by email.

4. Forum is suggested for non-urgent queries/issues.
If you're reporting a critical issue and don't see a response, contact me by email ( AT gmail DOT com)

General guidelines:

  • Before posting a question, search the forums to see if your problem has come up before.
  • Look through the JAlbum and skin tutorials and manuals and FAQ, all available online.
  • Please read the complete set of guidelines.
  • Don't spam, flame, or troll.
  • Give as much information about your problem as possible. It is helpful to know your Operating System, version numbers for Java, JAlbum and the skin and style you are using.
  • See also these hints on asking questions the smart way, so that you have a better chance of prompt and meaningful answers. (However, please note that you should not post questions to that website, it is NOT a help desk).