Announcement: Playing safe with skin update
Posted By: Laza
Posted: 08-Apr-2013 22:59
It's a common concern that upgrading might break the old, functioning album. Here's how you can play safe during a skin update.

Basically jAlbum should retain the settings when you upgrade a skin, beside those that has changed in the new version. It is still advisable to upgrade the skin while no album is open. Click the Empty project first on the left before you upgrade the current skin. If you have upgraded the skin while an important project was open and your settings got lost, don't save project, simply click the Empty project and click back the album again. This time jAlbum will load the proper settings.

For more safety you can keep the old skin version and you can duplicate projects.

How to keep the old skin version:
1. Open the project
2. Go to Skin directory (Ctrl-Shift-S)
3. Open the Input directory (Ctrl-Shift-I)
4. Close jAlbum
5. Go up one level in the skin directory and rename "Turtle" to "Turtle 3" for example
(Note: if this directory is under "C:\Program Files ..." (or "Applications" on Mac) first make a copy of the skin in your home folder: C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\jAlbum\Skins\)
6. Open jalbum-settings.jap in the input folder and modify the line "skin=Turtle" to "skin=Turtle 3", Save
Now the project will use the "Turtle 3" skin. You will need to replace the above line in all projects you want to open in Turtle 3 mode. If you don't do that jAlbum will pick "Turtle" (the newest) automatically.

To duplicate the project so you can safely test drive a new skin (or version) do the following:
1. Open the project
2. Go to Input folder (Ctrl-Shift-I)
3. Go one level up
4. Copy the project's folder under a new name

Now you can install Turtle 4 from here: With the duplicate album you can safely test it. Don't forget to rewrite "skin=Turtle" line in jalbum-settings.jap before opening the project!

Note, whenever you lose your project's settings you can import either form another local project or from the uploaded album with the File -> Import functionality.