Announcement: Making Facebook Share button work
Posted By: Laza
Posted: 26-Oct-2011 11:06
In order to make the Facebook share button work you need to specify the album location in the Settings / Advanced / Upload path box. Use the absolute URL with the full path:

If you omit the closing slash (like above) Turtle will automatically add the album name as album folder, e.g. of the album

If you end the upload path with a slash, that path will be used without adding the album name. This is useful when you upload the album in a directory named different as the album.

If Facebook has cached some dirty data, wrong path or missing thumbnail you can check and reset Facebook's cache here:
Just enter the path to your album, and Facebook will check if everything is all right. You might get some warnings, like missing "Locale" specification or missing "URL", but the share should work. If you get an error then something is broken. Please re-check the upload path.