Announcement: SimpleViewer - 50-Image Limit Per Gallery
Posted By: monkeyboy
Posted: 18-Mar-2016 01:28
The SimpleViewer skin for jAlbum uses the SimpleViewer Inc. SimpleViewer-Standard Image Viewer which has a 50-image limit per gallery.
This limitation is hardcoded into the viewer (of which I am not the author) rather than the skin itself.
In order to overcome this limitation, there are several options:
  • Purchase SimpleViewer-Pro from SimpleViewer Inc. and integrate it into the SimpleViewer skin
  • Compose your album's input structure of folders containing no more than 50 images each
  • Select a viewer other than SimpleViewer (AutoViewer, PostcardViewer or TiltViewer, all of which are available within the SimpleViewer skin and have no image limit per gallery)