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IMPORTANT: BEFORE any skin update save the current album! AFTER a skin update you'll have to reopen the current album or reload the skin with CTRL-R before "Make" in order the new version loaded completely. Also make sure to reprocess all the subfolders: read the "NEW SKIN VERSIONS" paragraph below!

TURTLE is an HTML5 / CSS3 dynamic album template with transition effects, slideshow, map, shopping cart, videos, background music, full site navigation and many more. Works on touch devices too. Has 27 separate styles plus tons of customization options.

There are 2 basic operation modes for Turtle: "Single page" and "Separate slide page" mode. Use the "Settings / Pages / Make slides" to select.

In SINGLE PAGE MODE all the images are placed on the same html page, and the skin replaces them dynamically as you navigate through the album. In this mode you can have continuous background music, smooth transition effects, and lower server load.

In the SEPARATE SLIDE PAGES MODE your album will show every image on a separate html page, which enables Facebook or other social sites to Like, comment and share the images separately and search engines can find your photos easier as well. It will not allow as smooth transitions as single, no background music and results in almost doubled server load.

If you plan to add MORE THAN 500 photos in a single folder I'd suggest to use the separate slide pages mode to avoid memory leak with less robustly written browsers.

About the two modes please refer to: http://lazaworx.com/static/help/features/dynamic-vs-separate-mode.html

You can add CUSTOM PAGES too: right-click -> New page -> Empty or from template: About, Contact, Sitemap.

To choose the HEADER IMAGE (a.k.a theme image) use the right-click -> "Use as folder thumbnail" menu. You can exlude this photo from the album at the same time with right-click -> "Exlcude".

NEW SKIN VERSIONS are not guaranteed to be backwards compatible with older versions, thus after a skin upgrade you'll need to regenerate the whole album with "Settings / Advanced / Process subdirectories" = ON and "Process only updated subdirectories" = OFF! This will not reprocess all the JPG's, only the HTML pages, which is a lot faster, particularly in single page mode.

SEARCH feature also needs reprocessing all the subfolders (see above!) every time.

In order the FACEBOOK LIKE, share, comment and similar social functions work properly you need to specify the Upload Path in "Settings / Turtle / Advanced / Upload path" before album Make as absolute URL to album base. (Normally you can upload the album to any site after the album is made but these sites require this information within the album, which can't be changed later.) Turtle can also sniff out the proper upload path, but only after the album has been uploaded once.

Your comments are welcome - write a comment on the right, but PLEASE POST BUG REPORTS, feature requests IN THE TURTLE FORUM, see below.


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5.5.17 27.2.2017 (nykyinen)

- Skin family support: with jAlbum 13.11+ when switching skins within the same skin family the same (or similar) settings will be kept (applies to Turtle 5.5.17+, Photoblogger 1.6.9+, and the upcoming Turtle Two 1.0+)

- Unrecoverable javascript error when cookies are disabled
- Distorted thumbnails in the slide page thumb strip when using panorama images and no fixed size thumbnails in separate slides mode

- Korean translation

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butron 23 päivää sitten

I should point out that I mean pinch zoom for "videos". I know it is hard for pictures because of the swipe gestures.


butron 24 päivää sitten

Thank you for your great work. I tried to update a couple of albums that use the turtle skin in Jalbum 13 and noticed the following: In one album I can pinch zoom videos in Android Firefox in the other I cannot. I imagine there is difference in the setting for either jalbum or turtle but I cannot find that. Can you please tell me how to always enable pinch zoom? Thanks so much.


JoeG 27 päivää sitten

Thank you Laca


JoeG 27 päivää sitten

I have three questions. 1. How can I remove the tools at the top of an image page, please? I have "Stick controls to top", "show top navigation", and "Don't allow panels to cover the image in Fit mode" unchecked and "Fit images to browser" checked. Please see http://edu-net.net/images/turtle_2.jpg 2. How can I use my own favicon in subfolders? I've replaced the default favicon with my own in C:\Users\Joe\AppData\Roaming\JAlbum\skins\Turtle\res, but the little blue square still appears. 3. I know I can hide the footer with the image numbers by using "Hide caption / info", but how can I completely prevent this "footer" from appearing? I've unchecked everything in the settings that refers to the footer, but it still appears. You can see the album in question here. http://www.edu-net.net/media/Freiburg/album/ Thank you.

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar 27 päivää sitten

Settings / Turtle / Site / Show help link, Show image count = OFF. If doesn't disappear in subfolders please check if jAlbum is processing the subfolders: Settings / Advanced / Process subdirectories = ON, Process only updated subdirectories = OFF. You can't remove the navigation (control strip).


JoeG 27 päivää sitten

Sorry for the numerous postings. I've fixed the issue with the favicon in subfolders.