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Crea álbumes de fotos en línea totalmente personalizados con nuestra premiada aplicación de escritorio. Sube a tu propia web o a tu cuenta de

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Software gratuito de álbumes fotográficos para la web

Crea álbumes de fotos en línea de tus imágenes y películas con este software gratuito. jAlbum tiene soporte para organizar y editar imágenes, pero con especial atención a la presentación flexible. Elige entre toneladas de potentes temas (temas), o crea tu propio tema para conseguir la presentación de la galería que desees, y a continuación súbelo a cualquier web con el soporte para FTP de jAlbum. ¡jAlbum es una potente, pero fácil de usar herramienta que a los entusiastas de la fotografía y a los profesionales de todo el mundo les gusta!

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Basta con arrastrar y soltar las imágenes en jAlbum para empezar un nuevo álbum.

Personaliza la apariencia de los temas de jAlbum. Hay toneladas de temas disponibles para descargar gratis.

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Lo que dice la gente

  • There are many photo managers, editors and gallery tools available, both free and paid but frankly, jAlbum sticks out with its simplicity, ease of use, high flexibility and power
  • JAlbum is a free Web photo album and slide show generator that's easy to use yet incredibly versatile
  • "Really easy to use"
    This program is very easy to use. In less than ten minutes i installed it and created an album.
  • I was surprised that there is so little talk about such a nifty program. I was tired of using adobe PS web photo gallery maker. I tried a few other album maker, both sharewares and free ones. Found them too rigid, and mostly they were OS dependent. But, then I came across this JAlbum, it has all those features that I had in my never-mentioned wish list. Very flexible (you can easily write your own design with the help of the componets provided, but if you don't want to, then there are many out-of-the-box free skins to apply and ppl are having a good time writing up new interesting skins and sharing them in the community, which you can pick or tweak a little bit to your taste); runs on java - so it does not matter if i am working on xp or Psyche(rh8) (a little slow because of that, but i'll let it get away with 5 mins for 100 photos if i don't have to supervise when it is building my album) and FREE.
  • I love jAlbum!!! Longtime user. I've registered/donated before but I'm just so thankful for the constant improvements that I have to throw some more money in the hat. Happy New Year!
  • Awesome program.
    This freeware is purely commercial product quality. Simply awesome, feature packed, easy to customize and fast to use.
  • Excellent! Woohoo! - Works on MacOSX! Configurable! Valid HTML! Slick and fast!
    Adam Price
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