I taught English in Damascus for two years and love returning there to take photos of special friends I made and people I meet or see in the street. I hope to present images without the "exotica"; instead I want to show the energy and spirit of people in Damascus today. Damascus itself is a very special backdrop, so I hope I capture the look of the city, as you might find it if you visit.

The images from China date me. I lived in Xian and Shanghai in the 70s.

I also like experimenting with my camera (and much more recently image editing) closer to home.


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alaamiah clean
Children of Syrian refugees (1)

alaamiah clean commented on Children of Syrian refugees (1) 8 months ago

Im obliged for the album .Really thank you! Will see alot of it pics ...

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Women of Damascus

Lara commented on Women of Damascus 3 years ago

very nice photos, keep the good work.

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