just a look at the world AS IT IS through my eyes
un'occhiata sul mondo COSI' COM'E' attraverso i miei occhi


  • Kris Joris
  • Leif M. Sørlund
  • Olfa
  • freddynaegels
  • Victor
  • helenad
  • Jo Frehen
  • partemi enrico
  • grump
  • John Cordingley (jesse1dog)
  • sfrisolo
  • Tiida
  • Manu
  • Gérard VERNET
  • art-of-martin
  • gisro
  • Frans Beer
  • Emma78
  • Bruce R. Dean
  • Madeinch
  • mooifotootje
  • zdlouhy
  • DE4DM4N
  • Norbert Potensky
  • Dukatera
  • bRaNdSboRg.CoM
  • Francesco Pucci
  • Mike Frangipane
  • Franck B.

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Martin Leicht

Martin Leicht commented on SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS 9 months ago

Herrliche Bilder!
Danke auch für dein Like zu meinen Bildern von Island!
Grüsse, Martin

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Martin Leicht

Martin Leicht 2 years ago

Ciao! Grazie per il vostro tasto "Mi piace" per le mie ultime foto! Piacere di conoscerti! Saluti, Martin (traduzione di Google)

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Frans Beer

Frans Beer 3 years ago

Hallo rischiavo,

Thank you for visiting my album. Grazie !

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Martin Leicht

Martin Leicht 3 years ago

Ciao, grazie per la vostra visita sul mio album. Grazie per il vostro "Like"! Saluti, Martin

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Gust Robijns

Gust Robijns 3 years ago

Thank you for visiting my albums and your likes !!!


rischiavo 3 years ago

you're welcome Gust!

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