Since my childhood I have spent much time in the beautiful Norwegian nature. This has led to a burning passion for the birds and animals that rome the forest and mountains.

Nature photography has been my hobby for about 6-7 years.

I also harvest from the nature, by hunting moose and small mammals. Fishing is also a big time spender in the summer.


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Floor wuring
Wild Africa

Floor wuring commented on Wild Africa 3 years ago

its fantastic!!!

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Gust Robijns

Gust Robijns 3 years ago

Very nice album !

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Nordiske fugler

Bertvanelten commented on Nordiske fugler 3 years ago

Very nice album, compliments !!!
regards, Bert

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Manu commented on Galapagos 3 years ago

Compliments. A very nice album, a very nice place.

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Rico Coolen

Rico Coolen 3 years ago

What a great albums you have! Thank you for sharing.

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