Haunted Places

copyright Paul Maenhout

Paul Maenhout
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Paul Maenhout


Nikon analog : FT2, EL, F2-DP-1 and F2-DP-1 + MD3-motordrive,
Nikon 5000ED scanner.
Nikon digital D1, D2x, D3 and Df
17-55/2.8DX, 14-24/2.8FF, 24-70/2.8FF, 28/2.8FF, 50/1.4FF, 70-200/2.8FF and a lot of other stuff that I never use : filters, flashes & tripods.

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Maria Emitslöf
Maria Emitslöf has a Premium storage subscription
CDC with the dreamteam

Maria Emitslöf commented on CDC with the dreamteam 28 days ago

Hi Paul!
Beautiful! Photo nr 10 is amazing. Hope you're doing well!
Greetings from Sweden

Paul Maenhout

Paul Maenhout 28 days ago

Maria, I will come to Sverige during coming July. I would be happy to meet you in real time. Let me know.

Maria Emitslöf

Maria Emitslöf 22 days ago

We don´t know what our plans are in July... If we are at home when you visit Sweden , you are welcome to our home ! we´ll keep in touch!

Paul Maenhout
Paul Maenhout has a Premium storage subscription

Paul Maenhout uploaded Premetro 2 months ago

Avina has a Premium storage subscription

Avina 4 months ago

Great and inspiring pictures Paul. Thank you for sharing. Best regards, Andrej

Paul Maenhout

Paul Maenhout 4 months ago

Thank you Andrej