Haunted Places

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Paul Maenhout
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Paul Maenhout

I want to dedicate my photosite and in the first place my Iceland-album to Hrefna Fönn G. Blöndal, a member of our Icebreaker-project. Hrefna was my most favourite student, a fantastic girl from Akureyri, Iceland.
Hrefna died (31-8-2010) at the age of 22.

Nearly one year later there is, sadly enough, another person to whose memory I will dedicate my pictures. Not long after my return from a long holiday in Iceland Jelle Maenhout passed away (22-8-2011). He was an aspiring chemist and an amateur photographer just as I am or pretend to be, but most of all he was a young man with his whole life in front of him. Jelle died at the age of 20

Again bad news, on 26/12/2011 I lost one of my oldest friends and colleague. I know that Jan was interested by architecture and technology and I promised him many times to take him with me on an Urbextrip to the Powerplant but there was always something that came in between.
This series, which I myself consider as one of my best will always remain a tribute to Jan D'Hoest




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Julie Beausaert

Julie Beausaert 10 days ago

Prachtige foto's, heel erg fascinerend, mysterieus en artistiek! (En dit zeg ik niet enkel omdat ik hoop op een bonuspuntje op het examen chemie...)

Paul Maenhout

Paul Maenhout 7 days ago

Dat bonuspuntje mag je hebben Julie :-)

Maria Emitslöf
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Villa Steen

Maria Emitslöf commented on Villa Steen 7 days ago

Photo nr 10 is super :)

Paul Maenhout
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The Flee House

Paul Maenhout updated The Flee House 16 days ago


urbanbruges 16 days ago

Copain , je hebt er een prachtige serie van gemaakt. Petje af zulle

Paul Maenhout

Paul Maenhout 15 days ago

merci eh man ! Ik heb er nog een heleboel te doen.

svenalar has a Premium storage subscription

svenalar 18 days ago

Hej ! Your pictures are allways fantastic. They talk for them self. Sven

Paul Maenhout

Paul Maenhout 16 days ago

Thanks Sven, I still have a lot of albums in the "pipeline" :-)

Albin Emitslöf
Albin Emitslöf has a Premium storage subscription

Albin Emitslöf commented on i-beton 17 days ago

Great album! In some way you make the asymetric pictures look symmetric... If you understand what i'm trying to say. Very beautiful!

Paul Maenhout

Paul Maenhout 17 days ago

Thank you for this comment. Once in Belgium I'll be proud to be your guide !!!