Haunted Places

copyright Paul Maenhout

Paul Maenhout
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Paul Maenhout

I want to dedicate my photosite and in the first place my Iceland-album to Hrefna Fönn G. Blöndal, a member of our Icebreaker-project. Hrefna was my most favourite student, a fantastic girl from Akureyri, Iceland.
Hrefna died (31-8-2010) at the age of 22.

Nearly one year later there is, sadly enough, another person to whose memory I will dedicate my pictures. Not long after my return from a long holiday in Iceland Jelle Maenhout passed away (22-8-2011). He was an aspiring chemist and an amateur photographer just as I am or pretend to be, but most of all he was a young man with his whole life in front of him. Jelle died at the age of 20

Again bad news, on 26/12/2011 I lost one of my oldest friends and colleague. I know that Jan was interested by architecture and technology and I promised him many times to take him with me on an Urbextrip to the Powerplant but there was always something that came in between.
This series, which I myself consider as one of my best will always remain a tribute to Jan D'Hoest




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arne vanpachtenbeke

arne vanpachtenbeke 5 days ago

prachtige albums ,ben hier via BD terechtgekomen en zie toevallig dat je een streekgenoot bent .
leuk om te zien dat de graffiti school iedere keer zo verandert , ben er deze maand al 2 keer geweest en wat een verschil met jou fotos .
Doe zo verder zou ik zeggen ,
groeten denvp uit tielt :)

anne delanote
The deserted village

anne delanote commented on The deserted village 17 days ago

Gewoonweg knap !
Tot tranens toe bewogen....
anne delanote

Paul Maenhout

Paul Maenhout 17 days ago

Dankjewel Anne. Er komen er nog meer.

daisy bertels
daisy bertels has a Premium storage subscription

daisy bertels commented on CDC 4 months ago

De vloer lijkt al helemaal verdwenen. Leuk dat je deze nog te pakken hebt gekregen! Prachtige locatie. 2 & 6 zijn m'n favorieten.

Erik Odink
Erik Odink has a Premium storage subscription

Erik Odink 4 months ago

Paul je hebt er mooie urban series Tussen zitten. Ik ben in mei nog naar Luik geweest daar kun je ook mooie foto,s maken