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Hans Jørgen Rasmussen
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Hans Jørgen Rasmussen

I was born in Denmark, living in northern Norway since 1990

I consider myself more of an "imagemaker" than a photographer

I share the passion of imagemaking with my wife, Eli Marie Sinderud

We also share a website:

There you will find our main collection

Here at hjrasmus.jalbum.net you will find my most recent work - in addition to links to our main gallery.

Having been obsessed with photography since I was 9 years old, I now more and more create my own reality based on elements from my images.

My images styles and content have been and are continually changing

Life is at best a flow - so is photography - it's important to be open to flowing with whatever impulse comes up in the meeting with reality.

In the end it all comes down to just being there.


Canon 1D mkII
Canon 5D mkII
various zooms from 12 to 300 mm
Nikon P7700

Fujifilm S100fs

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