Download jAlbum 12

jAlbum needs at least Java 1.5. Check your java version here. If you don't have Java installed, get it here. It's free.


Zip version: If you are having trouble using the installers, don't like installers or just want to make a minor update, try downloading jAlbum without an installer as a zip archive.

CD-ROM distribution: Magazines wanting to bundle jAlbum with their issues can contact us to get a CD-ROM version that is already bundled with the latest Java.

Installation help


After downloading, double-click jAlbum-install.exe

Mac OS:

After downloading, open Jalbum.dmg and drag the jAlbum folder to your Applications folder.

Please note: jAlbum requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Linux (.deb and .rpm versions):

After downloading, simply open the jAlbum package to install it. jAlbum will then be available via the Graphics section of the Applications menu.

Please note: Java is required to run jAlbum.

Other Unix platforms - Linux (.bin version), Solaris, HP-UX and AIX:

After downloading open a shell and, cd to the directory where you downloaded the installer.
At the prompt type: sh ./jAlbuminstall.bin

Please note: Java is required to run jAlbum.

All other platforms (using the .jar or .zip versions):

Unix or Unix-like operating systems

After downloading, type
java -jar jAlbuminstall.jar
If that does not work, try
java -classpath [path to] install

If that does not work either, on sh-like shells, try
cd [to directory where jAlbuminstall.jar is located]
java install

Or for csh-like shells, try
cd [to directory where jAlbuminstall.jar is located]
setenv CLASSPATH jAlbuminstall.jar
java install

Other platforms

In a console window, change to the directory where you downloaded jAlbuminstall.jar to before running the installer.

Your operating system may invoke Java in a different way. To start the installer, add jAlbuminstall.jar to your CLASSPATH, then start the main class of the installer named install.

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Download a previous jAlbum version

Take a trip down memory lane. Download a previous version of jAlbum.