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Björn Fant Björn Fant
Jan 14, 2009
Last updated
Jan 28, 2012

You can also install the skin by unzipping this file into the skin folder.


This skin has not been updated for over two years, and may not work with the current version of jAlbum.


Here is a skin for Jalbum 8.1 or later, that will fit well to showcase a portfolio of images. One image in the album (or sub album) will be used to create a nice fade effect to all pages.

The skin comes with seven styles inspired by seven great cities around the world. Cairo, Havanna, London, Stockholm, Tokyo, Moscow and Wellington.

The graphics are simple and subtle to fit most albums, like wedding, black and white, party, or holiday.

Have fun!



1.2.1 Jan 28, 2012 (current)

Some CSS2 updates to fonts. :)

1.2.0 Sep 19, 2011

Minor changes to make Jalbum 9 compatible.

1.1.1 Aug 3, 2009

Did a small fix to Keyboard navigation to support jalbum widgets. Thanks for the help Kristoffer.

1.1.0 Jul 31, 2009

Finally after months of requests, here is the new Showcase with keyboard navigation. Use the arrow keys to step between images. Enjoy.

1.0.3 Jun 9, 2009

Added a new style called Moscow which fits well for black and white photography.

1.0.2 Jan 27, 2009

These bugs should now be fixed:
- Background image should not be the same for Main album and sub albums
- Bad positioning of navigation arrows overlaying images in Internet Explorer browsers

1.0.1 Jan 21, 2009

Added support for Thumbnail images as background choice. Right click one Thumbnail Jalbum and choose "Use as Folder Thumbnail" to set the background image. If not, the first image in the album will be used.

1.0 Jan 14, 2009

The first version. Some small fixes left, but it works.

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fg-helpoort has a Premium storage subscription

4 years agofg-helpoort

We have been using this skin for quite some time now. Our Photos of the Month are displayed in a ranking order and it is very nice having an option to select a style that suits the first picture best!

Ewald Hendriks
Ewald Hendriks has a Premium storage subscription

4 years agoEwald Hendriks

It's the style i like.

jeeceephoto has a Premium storage subscription

4 years agojeeceephoto

Like, top!!

Ina-Bloemendal has a Premium storage subscription

5 years agoIna-Bloemendal

I like this skin very much, but it doesn't contain any method to protect the images from downloading nor sharing.


5 years agoOsvatA