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You can also install the skin by unzipping this file into the skin folder.

Min. jAlbum version

Beginning with version 5, one can now open multiple thumbs and drag (move) the pop up images around the page.

This skin allows for:
1) 'normal' albums with index and slide pages OR
2) an index page with lightbox (pop up) images OR
3) albums with both lightbox AND slide images (default behavior)
4) option to include a sectional magnifying function on the slide pages)
5) extensive commenting (using internal Side Notes and/or external txt and or IPTC)

Easy to use UI. Lightbox, magnifier and skin free for private or commercial use.

This skin has been vastly improved over time by significant (and on-going) contributions from JimBerry, JGromit and most recently by RobM (who might have even gone a little off the deep end with his excellent and much appreciated help, suggestions and input).

Uses JavascriptHas slideshowjAlbum widget supportSupports foldersPlays video filesWeb page supportDisplays EXIF/IPTC dataFreeware
Jan 13, 2006
Last updated
Aug 27, 2016

Commercial use is allowed.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


6.0.0 Aug 27, 2016 (current)

Lightbox images can now be sized differently than slide images (thumb, pop-up, slide). Link settings improved, UI changed to very easy three tab setup including a rather extensive customization section. Videos can now play on slide pages. New folder icons and probably a mess of other good stuff.

Hey, keeping this skin up to date and working on improvements takes a lot of time. If you use the skin and like it, spend a moment and let us know. If there is something you don't like or something more you want, ask.

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