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Photoblogger is a responsive skin based on Zurb foundation 6. It has numerous social integration options, image slider, enhanced first album, shopping cart, search and tag cloud box. There are two different layout and features sets are avalaible: one for the higher level folders, called "Blog style layout" and one for the deeper folders. You can control the depth for which the blog layout is applied. You can skip this completely.

Please note, in LOCAL PREVIEW some browsers (Chrome, IE) WILL FAIL, because they block local "Ajax" access due to security reasons. Test either in FireFox or jAlbum's built-in browser, or launch Chrome with the "--disable-web-security" command line option. Learn more in the Forum sticky.

Responsive layoutBackground musicIntegrated shopping cartPlays video filesSearch within albumTransition effect(s)Displays EXIF/IPTC dataPlays audio filesjAlbum widget supportTouch interface supportHas slideshowWeb page supportSupports foldersFreewareUses JavascriptDisplays map
Nov 18, 2014
Last updated
Feb 12, 2017

Commercial use is only allowed if you have a jAlbum Pro license.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


1.6.8 Feb 12, 2017 (current)

- Thumbnails tab is missing from the Settings panel

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Gerard Spaans

Gerard Spaans 9 hours ago

Again after the Photoblogger update is the complete album to see on the web. Only 8 thumpnails are visual on the screen. Please solve the problem. Otherwise i must use an other skin. Thanks Gerard Spaans

Chuck Boschen

Chuck Boschen 17 days ago

I have been using Photoblogger for a couple of years - excellent work. I have noticed that recent updates have changed the look, on my site, when viewed in Landscape mode on the Ipad. The Landscape view use to be the same as the portrait view (Header centered, social on left, Search on right and Slider box centered under the Caption). Now in Landscape the slider box is compressed (looks odd) in width, to the Right with the Header off center to the left. Is there a way to get the Portrait view in Landscape, like it use to be? Thanks for your great work.

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar 14 days ago

This is due to the underlying Zurb Foundation framework change related to the breakpoints. The solution is not so easy, as users would be able to change the default if they had a SASS compiler on their PC. Perhaps I will introduce a new slider type, which remains full width at 1024px wide devices too.

Julie May

Julie May 19 days ago

Any chance that you could add Fotomoto as a shopping cart option? It's a great way to offer framing.

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar 19 days ago

I will add Fotomoto after I have finished with Turtle 6. I had the impression that nobody is using Fotomoto anymore.


i-street 22 days ago

can this have slide show auto start

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar 21 days ago

No, there's no auto start is possible yet.


ddixon 28 days ago

I reverted to a copy of 13.4 that did not have the update.

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar 28 days ago

But now you can safely upgrade Photoblogger too, which requires 13.0+.