PhotoBox 1.1.20

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Kristoffer Jelbring Kristoffer Jelbring
May 28, 2009
Last updated
Aug 17, 2012

You can also install the skin by unzipping this file into the skin folder.


This skin has not been updated for over two years, and may not work with the current version of jAlbum.


Photobox is all about the "wow" factor. Watch how image thumbnails zoom and float gracefully when touched by the mouse pointer. It's a great way to preview images before watching the full blown photo.

Photobox is a clean skin that fits all types of albums from weddings and events to galleries and presentations.

It works with Jalbum widgets and runs on any site. Thanks to our friends at Mr Green for sponsoring this skin.

jAlbum widget supportUses JavascriptSupports foldersMulti-language albumsFreeware
PhotoBox forum
Commercial use is allowed.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


1.1.20 Aug 17, 2012 (current)

Removed credit links from footer of slide pages

1.1.18 Jul 14, 2012

- Fixed skin so it won't brake with older versions of jAlbum that don't have the new homepageAddress field.

1.1.17 Jul 8, 2012

- Compatible with the new homepage linking feature of jAlbum 10.8

1.1.16 Jan 15, 2012

- Dutch translation added. Big thanks fo Freek Pol!

1.1.15 Nov 23, 2011

- Added options for adding a custom "Home" link that links back to your home page.

1.1.14 Oct 3, 2011

- Removed skin sponsor links.

1.1.13 Apr 8, 2011

- Korean translation added. Big thanks to JaeHyung Lee!

1.1.12 Mar 25, 2011

- Updated sponsor links.
- This version is bundled with jAlbum 9.2.

1.1.11 Feb 23, 2011

Minor fixes.

1.1.10 Nov 11, 2010

Better page metadata handling.

1.1.9 May 20, 2010

Minor bug fix to handle occurrence of HTML tags inside meta tags.

1.1.8 Apr 9, 2010

Minor bug fixes.

1.1.6 Mar 8, 2010

- Updated to make use of new features in Jalbum 8.7.

1.1.5 Feb 5, 2010

Minor update for better compability with Online Jalbum.

1.1.4 Jan 18, 2010

Improved console mode support.

1.1.3 Dec 21, 2009

Minor bug fixes.

1.1.2 Aug 25, 2009

Fixed bug in navigation when using virtual directories.

1.1.1 Aug 6, 2009

Minor bug fixes.

1.1 Jun 8, 2009

You can now choose the size of the thumbnails displayed on index pages (relative to the zoomed in images).

1.0.1 May 28, 2009

Updated preview images.

1.0 May 28, 2009

Initial release of the skin.

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Sample album

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4 years agoreika

I am getting a brief white "flash" (caused by a white screen) when moving from picture to picture with the "previous" and "next" commands in your sample album. Is this normal?

Tiago Tavares

4 years agoTiago Tavares

Hi, great skin... the only problem I have with it is that in IE9 (didn't try with older versions) when I create a link inside an album to an html file outside its scope... in IE9 it doesn't redirect to that folder. In Safari, Firefox and Chrome it works great.

Borisov Aleksandr

4 years agoBorisov Aleksandr

Ок !Program work well! Thank you for good job! Best Wishes !

Borisov Aleksandr

4 years agoBorisov Aleksandr

I haveу the same error :( .

Kristoffer Jelbring

4 years agoKristoffer Jelbring

Please try again with the latest version.

Martin Evans

4 years agoMartin Evans

Evaluation error on line 52: Details: Sourced file: inline evaluation of: `` writePath(albumTitle, " » ") ;'' : Attempt to resolve method: length() on undefined variable or class name: homepageAddress Worked fine until I installed your skin upgrade !

Kristoffer Jelbring

4 years agoKristoffer Jelbring

Please try again with the latest version.