Photo! 3D Gallery 1.0.2

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VicMan-Software VicMan-Software
Oct 8, 2008
Last updated
Oct 13, 2008

You can also install the skin by unzipping this file into the skin folder.


This skin has not been updated for over two years, and may not work with the current version of jAlbum.


Use of Photo! 3D Gallery skin is probably the most convenient way to make your own 3D World. World of your favorite photos in an amazing environment with an up-to date navigation system. Run the album in auto mode and enjoy the performance, or use your mouse and keyboard to lead the exciting journey inside your own 3D gallery.

Fully 3D albums in popular Shockwave(TM) format allows you to feel the magic of light in an Oriental Palace, or make a trip to the Mountains, or explore the inside of mysterious Egyptian Pyramids - now everything is in the power of yours!

With this 3D skin it's so easy to be different - in a large styles collection (31 amazing galleries) everybody will surely find true design.

Has slideshow
Min. jAlbum version


1.0.2 Oct 13, 2008 (current)


1.0.1 Oct 9, 2008

Gallery size optimization was done

1.0 Oct 8, 2008

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Subrahmanyam Thuraga

3 years agoSubrahmanyam Thuraga

Dear VicMan, Could you please update this great skin for the new v11? Thanks in advance. You are great, and keep the up the good work.


4 years agougurakgoz

i used this time ago, very nice interface, but very heavy to handle.


4 years agoYU2JRB

svaka cast nije lose


6 years agoAC

This is the worst skin EVER! Once you done publishing ALL and I mean ALL browsers say they need the freakin' shockwave player to be installed. You do that and that fails cause it constantly asking for installation....What a waste!

Pro License expiring nulljGromit is a site administratorjGromit is a generous donorjGromit is a skin developer

7 years agojGromit

Doesn't seem to be capable of producing a working album. All I ever get is a 3d gallery space with no images in it. Another user has reported exactly the same problem.