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* This skin is a specialized subset of the Matrix skin. It does not produce a thumbnail page - visitors to the page are immediately placed in a slideshow of the images.
* Almost all of the options that apply to the images in Matrix are present in this skin. Please refer to the Matrix skin page and release notes for more information.
* Because there is no thumbnail page, there is no way to navigate to folders. Folders contained in the album project will cause an error, and album creation is aborted.
* Navigation to a home page is provided by placing an "up" icon on the page, or by placing a link in the control bar.
* Because the skin is using a hidden index page, there are no options for header material (other than a title bar), footer material, and so on. If you want those kinds of elements, you should create them outside of MatrixSlide, then embed the MatrixSlide album in an iframe.
* Produces code that passes W3C validation as HTML5 and CSS3.

Uses JavascriptFreewareMulti-language albumsPlays video filesBackground musicDisplays mapResponsive layoutTransition effect(s)Has slideshowDisplays EXIF/IPTC datajAlbum widget support
Jun 13, 2010
Last updated
Aug 25, 2016

Commercial use is only allowed if you have a jAlbum Pro license.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


29.0.0 Aug 25, 2016 (current)

* Improved automatic selection of image border color when using a preset style and choosing to have no shadow on the image.
* Option to choose "Link to scaled-down images only" for the album, but have original GIF's used for the image display. This is intended to support animated GIF's - if scaled, jAlbum converts them to PNG files, and they lose their animation.

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gerybubus 7 months ago

Congratulations for you skin, it's great, responsive, with a lot of settings option! I have just a quick question: if I open the MatrixSlide settings in jAlbum, the "Custom" tab is inactive. Is it normal? Is there any way to activate it? Thanks, Greg


jGromit 7 months ago

Choose the "Custom" style of the skin. See:

Levy Roger

Levy Roger 10 months ago

Congratulations for this almost perfect skin for me. I said almost because after every video I have to click on play to continue the slideshow. Is this normal, or is there a way to automatically resume the slide show? Thank you. (Translation French / English by Google)


jGromit 10 months ago

The slideshow script has no way of detecting that a video has ended. So, the only thing the skin can do is pause the slideshow when it hits a video.


michael53 11 months ago

I really do like the skin and I just have one question: Is there any way to present a panorama in its size (with the possibility to scroll in the Picture)? If not, the panaorma will fill the size but it comes quite narrow. But anyway: great done!


jGromit 11 months ago

Yes. See the user's manual:


jGromit 11 months ago

And see the fourth item in the sample album:


AB one year ago

How about an option to let the video fill the entire browser window?


jGromit one year ago

The Highslide JS expander that the skin uses doesn't have any such option. Of course, your site visitor can always hit the fullscreen icon within the video player.

Marv Alpert

Marv Alpert 2 years ago

great supports video! can i set to autoplay? can i add music?


jGromit 2 years ago

View the demo pages: