LightFlow 3.9.0

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kaya kaya
Jan 28, 2008
Last updated
Mar 22, 2015

You can also install the skin by unzipping this file into the skin folder.


Albums built with LightFlow allow the visitor to flip through photos just with the mouse wheel or with the arrow keys. Clicking an item will zoom in smoothly to show it in a bigger format. Graphical effects like image reflection or image watermarking / stamping don't require server side technologies like PHP or such.
You can structure your album into different folders and divide it into multiple index pages. You can display captions for thumbnails and descriptions for folders. You also can include non-image files as for example videos (also by linking to Youtube, Daily Motion etc.), pdf or zip files in your album. Colors for background, fonts and links are freely selectable, so you can exactly match your website design. Both thumbnail and slide images can be watermarked or stamped with customized texts or logos.
Since v3.5.0 album visitors may search through all photos and filter them dependent on their search terms. This feature does NOT require any server side technologies such as a database, php or such. Just choose which info should be searchable (title, name, comment, keywords, exif, info+ etc.), generate the album, upload it and you're done :)
And of course, last but not least, LightFlow produces w3c validated XHTML 1.0 transitional.

Transition effect(s)Search within albumjAlbum widget supportIntegrated shopping cartPlays audio filesPrint orderingDisplays EXIF/IPTC dataBackground musicSupports foldersTouch interface supportMulti-language albumsUses JavascriptHas slideshow
Min. jAlbum version
LightFlow forum
Commercial use is allowed only if you pay a 3rd party license.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.
You have to pay a fee to the skin author to get rid of the nag screen. Read more on the skin's home page.


3.9.0 Mar 22, 2015 (current)

- new: smartCart shopping cart which may be displayed instead of fotomoto in order to let the customer select products and send an inquiry or process the form server-side, for more details see here:
- bugfix: if background music was enabled, the gallery was not more centered because the music player pushed the gallery to the left

3.8.7 May 18, 2014

- bugfix: in jAlbum's new version 12, search.html was not created within the first album build if the integrated browser was enabled

3.8.6 Apr 6, 2014

- new: option to integrate Fotomoto shopping cart for thumbnail and/or slide images (for more details see:
- new: optional Download button links now to slides, hi-res or original images dependent on the selection in jAlbum's GUI

3.8.5 Jan 1, 2014

- bugfix: Internet Explorer 11 displayed slides incorrectly

3.8.4 Dec 2, 2012

- new: option to move automatically thumbnail images when navigating through slide images so that both are in sync
- new: automatic jAlbum widget injection disabled. If you want jAlbum widgets, remove "autoWidgetInjection=false" from the file "LightFlow/".
- bugfix: slide show option "Autostart" was always selected after having loaded a saved LightFlow project
- bugfix: single pixel could have be shown when hovering over next/previous slide buttons, so replaced by transparent pixel
- bugfix: reflections were not correctly shown in Internet Explorer 10
- compiled with java 1.6 instead of java 1.5

3.8.3 Jan 22, 2012

- new: option to let the album visitor search also by jAlbum's keywords which were introduced by version 10

3.8.2 Nov 7, 2011

- bugfix: an exception could be thrown on loading LightFlow if jAlbum was using an older Java version (LightFlow was still working - only the video-embedding-feature, introduced in LightFlow v3.8.0 was disabled)
- bugfix: slide images could be wrong positioned when slides of different image sizes alternated
- bugfix: drop-down lists in Info+ were hidden when the slide image was opened through next or previous slide

3.8.1 Oct 4, 2011

- new: LightFlow's About tab shows where on disk the skin is installed
- bugfix: double quotes in Info+ could break the search
- bugfix: videos embedded from external web sites could not be displayed within the search results

3.8.0 Sep 19, 2011

- new: embed videos and other rich media files just by copying & pasting a plain URL of a website into LightFlow's GUI (see jAlbum's image edit panel). LightFlow tries to extract the raw video and embeds it into the album. Doing so, the album will display the raw video instead of the whole web page where the given URL was originally linking to. It works with over 220 content providers (YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook, TwitVid, Yahoo, Digg,...)
- new: option for transparent reflections
- new: option to change order of footer menue entries
- new: option to hide navigation bread crumbs, which is handy when the album does not have subfolders and you don't want to show the album title for the root folder
- bugfix: touch movements did not work correctly for iPad and iPhone
- bugfix: music player was disabled in some configurations
- improvement: custom LightFlow panel is automatically disabled when a folder is being edited. It gets enabled when the edited item is a file

3.7.2 Jun 19, 2011

- bugfix: Internet Explorer (at least version 8) could not display the gallery since LightFlow's previous version (3.7.1)

3.7.1 Jun 9, 2011

- new: option to alter the flow speed of thumbnail images. This is also handy in combination with the slideshow feature for thumbnail images.
- new: video player for FLV-files
- improvement: in Firefox 4, the slide navigation panel could flicker while loading the slide
- improvement: better alignment of the menu bar when it has more than one line
- improvement: better alignment of the footer menu when it has more than one line

3.7.0 Apr 21, 2011

- bugfix: Firefox 4.0 could misplace the gallery on slow internet connections
- bugfix: IE 7 could not display slides over the whole screen when the slide contained Info+ data and the album was embedded in an iframe
- bugfix: newlines (line breaks) in comments or Info+ could break LightFlow's search feature
- new option: new gallery type "linear" which is similar to the "straight" gallery type but all images have the same size.
- new option: duration of animation can be set to control the time of fading in and out of slide images
- improvement: images are hidden as long as they are not yet properly aligned in the gallery
- improvement: search feature is hidden as long as it's not fully loaded yet
- improvement: when embedding the album into an iframe, the last step (formerly step 4) is no more required
- improvement: more intuitive Info+ panel of LightFlow's GUI: fields are inactive when they are irrelevant due to current settings. Please check your Info+ settings of projects which were saved before LightFlow v3.7 (only commercial version)

3.6.5 Mar 2, 2011

- bugfix: reflections of big thumbnail images could be cut off when a small thumbnail image i.e. folder icon, was focused on page load

3.6.4 Feb 14, 2011

- new option to stretch thumbnail images to fit into the available space. Disabling avoids pixelization of (too) small thumbnail images.

3.6.3 Nov 11, 2010

- new: live example how to embed an album where slide images open over the whole screen instead to open inside the iframe (see file "iframeExample.html" in the root folder of the generated album)
- improvement: compatibility version check works also for Jalbum versions older than 8.7

3.6.2 Nov 5, 2010

version 3.6.2
- bugfix: search feature did not work for files which were not copied but only linked to the album (also known as "virtual files")
- bugfix: movies could not be played within search results

3.6.1 Oct 18, 2010

- bug fix: version number check failed for numbers with more than 1 digit (problem became visible with Jalbum 8.10)

3.6.0 Sep 16, 2010

- new: optional music player for album background music
- improvement: wipe out unused custom resources from the album (attempted to recycle first before Jalbum 8.7.2)
- bugfix: search page could be deleted unintentionally

3.5.5 Sep 3, 2010

- new: option for slide frame color
- new: help preview for slide download button

3.5.4 Aug 18, 2010

- new: optional button to download the slide
- slide.htt removed so "make slides" is disabled automatically (requires Jalbum 8.6 or newer)
- french album translation completed

3.5.3 Jul 22, 2010

- better vertical alignment of the menu bar which could be partially hidden by higher photos
- disable "make slides" when skin loads (useful when hints are not used)

3.5.2 Jun 30, 2010

- spanish translation finished

3.5.1 May 3, 2010

version 3.5.1
- bugfix: LightFlow could throw an error since JAlbum 8.8 due to JAlbum's new automatic data type mapping
- bugfix: global Info+ was broken (only commercial version)
- new: option to process JAlbum variables also for global Info+ (only commercial version)
- improvement: select boxes can be used in Info+ (only commercial version)

3.5.0 Apr 27, 2010

- new: optional search feature allows album visitors to search through all photos and filter them dependent on their search terms. This feature does NOT require any server side technologies such as a database, php or such. Just choose which info should be searchable (title, name, comment, keywords, exif, info+ etc.), generate the album, upload it and you're done :)
- new: add keywords to your photos to make them better searchable
- new: add keywords to your folders so all photos in or below that folder can be found by these keywords
- new: Info+ feature can also be used for folders, so that all images of that folder will show the same Info+, except images which have their own Info+ (only commercial version)
- new: one global Info+ can be used, so that all images will show the same Info+, except folders or images which have their own Info+ (only commercial version)
- improvement: unregistered version displays a link to LightFlow's register page
- improvement: new image help tooltips in LightFlow's GUI added
- improvement: image help tooltips in LightFlow's GUI don't need to be clicked; just hover with the mouse over them

3.4.2 Apr 20, 2010

- new: option to set the slideshow default display duration for thumbnails and/or slide images
- new: option to set the opacity of the last visible thumbnail image
- bugfix: uppercase file extension of media files could lead to wrong media type recognition

3.4.1 Apr 2, 2010

- bugfix: workaround for Internet Explorer 7 bug: when no explicit gallery width was used the gallery was not shown
- improvement: short folder descriptions were lost in space; now they fit into the width of the gallery
- improvement: very long footer texts could exceed the gallery width; now they fit into the width of the gallery
- improvement: special characters (Umlauts, accents) in LightFlow's GUI are now shown correctly independent on encoding settings of the user

3.4.0 Mar 29, 2010

- new: option to add a menu bar in the top of the page pointing to all top level folders
- new: option to redirect to the first folder instead to show root folder
=> The previous both options come in handy when your album contains few top level folders, say some categories of photos as for example "Clouds, Flowers, Buildings" and you want them to be accessible from each index page. Choose the redirect option to avoid to show the root page, because it would only show the folder icons and the album visitor would still need to click one of them. By using the redirect option, the root page automatically redirects to the first folder.
- new: option to add a header image to all index pages
- new: option to add a menu bar in the bottom of the page pointing to web pages outside of the album, as for example "About, Pricing, Credits, Contact"
=> By using the previous four options, you can build extremely fast a professional looking complete web site, and not just an album
- new: for better help, LightFlow's GUI has buttons next to some GUI elements, which opens a little screenshot to demonstrate the effect to the album of the concerned GUI element
- new: default styles changed to white background, grey font and pink-rose active link colors
- new: "Fine-tuning" tab, where one can set some more detailed options:
- number of visible thumbnail images
- height of reflections
- width of the gallery
- top margin of the gallery
- new: "Footer" tab, which contains the new footer menu bar and the former footer text and stat counter code text areas
- improvement: slides options moved from "Miscellaneous" tab to "Fine-tuning" tab
- improvement: "Miscellaneous" tab removed
- bugfix: background image was not copied to the output folder on some OS

3.3.2 Mar 19, 2010

- bugfix: mouse wheel support for slide image navigation did not work correctly for all browsers

3.3.1 Mar 19, 2010

- bugfix: thumbnail images were sometimes displayed without reflection and wrong position when they were loaded too slowly (already fixed in v3.1.1 but bug was reintroduced in v3.3.0 due to the upgrade of the underlying javascript library ContentFlow which had still not fixed this bug)

3.3.0 Mar 15, 2010

- improvement: more different gallery types: screwdriver, stack, wave, circle
- improvement: slide images may be navigated (previous/next) also by mouse wheel
- improvement: swap background color and font color with just one click in LightFlow's GUI
- improvement: preview of all gallery types in LightFlow's GUI

3.2.5 Mar 8, 2010

- bugfix: it could happen that Internet Explorer displayed the first slide far too small
- bugfix: when displaying a slide, Internet Explorer could wrongly display a vertical scrollbar
- bugfix: embedding the album in an iframe of another domain by displaying the slide over the whole screen threw an error
- improvement: custom pdf icon added (which avoids usage of JAlbum's not so nice default pdf icon)

3.2.4 Feb 21, 2010

- improvement: even when embedded in an iframe, the slide image can be displayed over the whole screen
- improvement: workaround for IE7 bug "operation aborted", so IE7 shouldn't complain anymore (only in iframes embedded albums were concerned)
- improvement: yui-utilities.js isn't more needed

3.2.3 Feb 9, 2010

- bugfix: wrong link to LightFlow website in LightFlow's GUI (about tab)
- new: third license type: "public, non-commercial, single domain"

3.2.2 Feb 1, 2010

- bugfix: sometimes, the gallery couldn't be loaded by Firefox 3.6 due to race conditions
- improvement: slides are shown more quickly
- improvement: faster loading of javascript due to fewer requests
- improvement: only needed navigation buttons are loaded

3.2.1 Jan 25, 2010

- bugfix: slide navigation didn't work for embedded web sites
- bugfix: actions on gallery slideshow buttons could lead to a javascript error on IE
- bugfix: gallery slideshow buttons looked weird on IE

3.2.0 Jan 20, 2010

A new very powerful feature is born: I call it Info+ feature. Info+ allows to add to each photo individual information.
The album visitor may slide out and read this information while viewing the photo.
For example, this could be a more detailed description of the item, some selling information and a submit form linking to PayPal in order to conclude the transaction.

As the information can be built from pure html, you can also simply copy fragments of web pages (e.g. from wiki) and paste it into your album.
The formatting is kept, so the information in your album will look like the original web page.

The icing on the cake for advanced users is, that also all JAlbum variables can be used within the information.
For example, by writing ${fileDate} the original date of the photo is printed out. For more details see JAlbum's variable reference:

Last but not least, meta data of the photo (Exif/IPTC) can be automatically added to each slide by using the Info+ feature.
Per default, all known meta tags will be printed out but power users can easily define their own set of preferred meta tags.

You find screenshots and more details about the Info+ feature here:

Moreover, LightFlow has now a slideshow feature, which may be independently activated for gallery images and/or slide images.
The gallery slideshow may be set to start automatically, so photos begin to flow continuously once the web page is loaded.
The icing on the cake is that album visitors can accelerate or slow down the slide show (and of course start and stop it either by pressing the space bar or clicking the button).

Last but not least, the option of circular flow of thumbnails is now also applied for slide images. If enabled, the first slide is shown after the last one when clicking 'next'.
This is advantageous when the album visitor begins to display the slides in the middle of the gallery because he/she can continue with the unseen first slide when the the last slide is reached.

3.1.1 Jan 10, 2010

- bugfix: thumbnail images were sometimes displayed without reflection and wrong position (when they were loaded too slowly) - Now, it works perfectly! :-)

3.1.0 Jan 9, 2010

- new option: take into account JAlbum's settings for thumbnails height instead to calculate it dependent on the free space in the browser window. (Beware: When you select this option, the thumbnails may be too large to fit well into small windows. However, when you embed the album into a non-resizable frame, you can perfectly define your preferred thumbnail size to best fit your frame size.)

- new option: show/hide number of current thumbnail

- improvement: preload of next & previous image *while* current image is displayed

- improvement: reflection color is now transparent when using a background image

- improvement: longer display time for help tooltips in LightFlow's GUI

- bug fix: blank.gif was missing (not really needed but could lead to a 404 error in web logs)

- bug fix: the link "contact the author" didn't work properly in LightFlow's GUI

3.0.1 Jan 4, 2010

small bugfix for Opera browsers

3.0.0 Jan 2, 2010

LightFlow version 3 is an almost complete rebuilt of the previous version.
It now offers still more flexibility in appearance, content syndication and website integration.
Despite the new features, the user interface remains clean and user friendly. Features you liked in previous versions, as for example flexible labeling, commenting and coloring options, w3c xhtml validness or image filters to watermark or individually stamp your photos, still persist.
With version 3 you have furthermore:

* the possibility to integrate different types of content like images, movies, animations, flash or even whole web pages even when they are hosted on different external web servers.
That means that you don't have to upload such heavy content, just link to it! Whether it's a Youtube, Daily Motion, Google or what ever video you can show it in your album!
* 3 different ways items may flow - that's 3 skins in one:
1. items may flow normally as in versions 1.x and 2.x
2. items may flow in 360 degrees and don't disappear in the background
3. items may flow on a straight line from the right to the left
* an option to choose a circular item flow, means, that the flow doesn't stop at the last item but begins anew from the beginning.
* navigation breadcrumbs which come in handy for easier orientation and navigation when your album has a deep folder structure.
* client side reflections, so you don't need to have PHP or such on your server nor to let JAlbum generate the reflections. This will either simplify album integration or speed-up album generation!
* easier and cleaner integration of the album in an existing website because the used javascript libraries are much more mature than before.

2.1.1 Nov 16, 2009

- bugfix: preloading of slide images didn't work due to shadowbox bug

2.1.0 Aug 2, 2009

- new: titles or names for file and folders can be chosen to be displayed
- new: user may use a background image
- new: preview image added

2.0.2 Jun 1, 2008

- dashes from variables removed since JAlbum 8.0.8 doesn't more allow it
- link in about-tab zu
- new: complete spanish translation (thanks to b3rnard0c)

2.0.1 Apr 6, 2008

- bugfix: keymapping was lost after closing of slide (bugfix in shadowbox)

2.0 Mar 30, 2008

- new javascript library for slides: Shadowbox replaces Lightview because Lightview isn't more free for commercial use
- javascript library Imageflow updated from 0.8 to 0.9 which has better slider control and better enlargement of thumbs (besides other little enhancements)

1.3.2 Mar 20, 2008

- slider1.gif was missing (it isn't visible but may lead to a 404 error in webserver logs)

1.3.1 Mar 5, 2008

This is just a little cosmetic bugfix because text color of "image x of y" wasn't in the chosen font color.

1.3.0 Mar 3, 2008

- New: different filters added for thumbnail and slide images: borders, frames, shadows, text, watermark, logo and crop
- New: personal footer added
- New: parent link added
- New: font size and font color for slide comments can be adapted in the GUI

1.2.1 Feb 21, 2008

This is just a little maintenance release with the following enhancements:
- when coming up from a subfolder then LightFlow glides to its folder thumbnail or icon
- icons and buttons were copied to the skin res folder which could cause a security warning under Windows Vista
- slider.gif was handled as an icon and not as a button (only relevant when coloring buttons or icons)

1.2.0 Feb 18, 2008

- New: Colors can be set up independently for background, slides, links, slider and also for the navigation buttons and icons.
- New: Allow html markup in folder comments instead to show raw html tags.
- New: Option to make reflections by PHP instead by JAlbum.
- New buttons which handle better transparency for different colors.
- More vertical distance between thumbnails and sliderbar.

1.1.0 Feb 4, 2008

- New: Media files open in a proper window instead to start a download. The following video formats are supported: (dependent on the drivers the album visitor has installed on its computer). The following sound formats are supported as well: mp3.wav.wma.aiff.mid.rm.ram
- New: skin GUI allows now to add user specific code which is useful for stat counters for example
- New: the charset of the html pages is now set dependent on the GUI setting in JAlbum tab "Advanced"
- New: a warning message alerts the user when javascript is disabled
- New: HTML Tidy validation passed with 0 errors and 0 warnings

1.0.1 Jan 30, 2008

This is a tiny maintenance release which fixes a display issue with Internet Explorer while dragging the slider.
I added also a footer "Generated by...".

1.0.0 Jan 28, 2008

initial release

More skins made by kaya

Sample album

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Elsie Roach

2 years agoElsie Roach

Awesome and easy to use. Recieved my paid copy quickly after purchase. My client loved it. Hugs to Kaya Skin has awesome easy to use options.

Renate A. Hernandez
Renate A. Hernandez has a Power storage subscriptionRenate A. Hernandez is a generous donor

3 years agoRenate A. Hernandez

I LOVE that LightFlow Skin for jAlbum and the service that Kaya provided me was TOPS (Outstanding). Thank You Kaya! Renate.

Pro License expiring null

3 years agoHomeboy

Beautiful skin with very good and fast support! Kaya sent me some lines of code I needed to use Fotomoto with this skin instead of Paypal. Highly recommended!


3 years agodarrynwade

Lightflow is by far the best I have come across yet. A fantastic way to view galleries of images and very simple to use. Kay's help is always invaluable and immediate. If you're trying to decide on which skin to use, look no further than Lightflow. I have used it for three years now and wouldn't even consider trying anything else! Thankyou for all the help Kay, it's very much appreciated!

Dale Walkey

3 years agoDale Walkey

thank you for the skin with everything I want and need!