LightBoxes 7.5.0

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DrMikey DrMikey
Dec 22, 2006
Last updated
Dec 18, 2013

You can also install the skin by unzipping this file into the skin folder.


This skin has not been updated for over two years, and may not work with the current version of jAlbum.


This Skin incorporates the power of JQuery and CSS3 and five different possible Lightbox options. Now with Twitter Bootstrap as the base CSS and allowing Responsive design--Images are Loaded into the Gallery Dynamically -- Change Gallery Size Dynamically -- Infinite Scrolling of Images -- Sorting and Filtering of Images Dynamically -- Use any Google Font in your gallery -- Use any Image as your Page Background -- Social Links using -- Built in About Popup Page -- Help Link -- Dynamic Search-- Five LightBox Choices to View Large Image PopUps -- Image Description Popup -- Select Favorites for Filtering or filter by your own keywords -- Shopping Cart Option -- Google Analytics -- EXIF Information Option -- Easily enable Printing of Full Size Images.
Since this skin utilizes javascript and CSS3 compatible with only newer, modern browsers, IE 6 and 7 are not supported and IE8 will not show any CSS3 options. Tested in IE9, IE10, FireFox, Safari and Chrome on Windows 7 and Mac 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8

Integrated shopping cartDisplays EXIF/IPTC dataHas slideshowUses JavascriptSupports foldersTouch interface supportTransition effect(s)Search within album
Min. jAlbum version
LightBoxes forum
Commercial use is allowed only if you pay a 3rd party license.
You have to pay a fee to the skin author to get rid of the nag screen. Read more on the skin's home page.


7.5.0 Dec 18, 2013 (current)

FIxed a bug with portrait thumbnails getting stretched in height. Javascript and CSS updates.

7.4.0 Jul 15, 2013

Many bug fixes and core updates. Now at jQuery 1.10.1. Fixed bugs with disabling "Add Images" button, Fixed Shopping cart bug with new loaded images and now Cart can be disabled for individual images rather than having to enable it for each image. Added a second method of Infinitescroll to load pages as gallery window is scrolled. (Demo limited to 2 additional pages)
Lightboxes version 8 is on the horizon with the ability to save your own favorite images in a mini gallery using local storage!

7.2.0 Mar 15, 2013

Updated to jQuery 1.9.1.
Bug fixes and improvements for the shopping cart. Now the cart can be enabled for each image individually and the Shipping and Taxes calculation has been fixed,

7.1.0 Jan 25, 2013

Important Bug fix related to jQuery's recent update to 9.0.

7.0.0 Dec 28, 2012

LightBoxes has been updated to Version 7! Improved and Updated Javascript and CSS. Twitter Bootstrap based using Font Awesome icons. New hover effects for opening an image in the Lightbox, better support for iDevices and responsive layouts. User defined colors. Now with Top navigation bar, In-page navigation or a Sidebar option. Default Lightbox is responsive and includes social sharing for each image or link. Option to link External sites, youtube or Vimeo videos as well as images.

6.5.2 Oct 11, 2012

Further bug fixes related to previous JQueryUi upgrade issue. New CDN sources and CSS improvements

6.5.1 Oct 9, 2012


This weeks update of JQueryUI to version 1.9 is breaking the skin. This update fixes that issue. Please let me know if any issues persist!!

6.5.0 Sep 21, 2012

Improved Simple page layout for embedding in a page or use in an iframe. Now all options are in a Button bar in the impel page without the need for a Top Navigation menu. Improved layout and Filter menu, updated CSS and javascript to latest versions. And Bug fixes

6.4.0 Aug 27, 2012

Updated CSS to Twitter Bootstrap v2.1
Improved Keyword filtering, multiple bugfixes and layout improvements, more streamlined Navbar.
Fixed a problem with hiding image labels.

6.3.0 Aug 16, 2012

Many bug fixes and some new features. LightBoxes now can show keywords under each image and clicking these keywords will filter all the images having that keyword. When a favorite image is selected, an icon is now placed on the image to indicate it is a favorite. Thumbnails can be shown "bare" or inside a container.

6.2.0 Aug 9, 2012

Updated CSS and javascrip. fixed a bug with ClearBox lightbox and Firefox and increased the size of the under image icons.

6.1.0 Jul 26, 2012

FIxed a bug with Font Awesome icons and Bootstrap. Updated Boostrap CSS and multiple javascript files to current versions.

6.0.0 Jul 12, 2012

Updated and improved jQuery javascript and Twitter bootstrap to the latest versions. Added option for Bootstrap Themes and User defined colors. Font Awesome icons included and updated Shopping cart. Improved responsive design and a better way to incorporate the album in an iframe using a simple page layout.In Safari, Firefox and Chrome, an option for a full screen browser page.

5.0.0 Mar 16, 2012

Now at version 5.0! A major update and rewrite of this skin. LightBoxes utilizes Twitter Bootstrap CSS and can generate a responsive gallery that can update the layout as the browser window is resized. 5 different LightBox options and an 6th option to have images expand within the gallery rather than popup. Fully Themeable using JQueryUI Themeroller and allows the incorporation of Google Fonts as well. Images are added to the gallery dynamically and the gallery automatically resizes and updates the thumbnails. Full filtering using Jalbum Keywords, integrated Shopping Cart, Image Description and EXIF info popups. dynamic search with instant filtering of images as you type. No support for IE 6 and 7. Works best in a Modern browser supporting CSS3 (Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Some functions not fully supported in IE8. Enjoy!

4.4.0 Jan 24, 2012

Many, many Javascript, CSS updates and Bug fixes and improved Filtering and Search options. Fixed a Windows issue with selecting Filters and Sorting in the Skin preferences. Improved the Preferences layout for easier setup.

4.3.0 Dec 16, 2011

Version 4.3 is a major upgrade and improvement. LightBoxes now has the ability to perform dynamic searching of images. Updated the core javascript and all LightBoxes. Improved filtering and sorting. New option for no Lightbox; images expand within the gallery. Theme-able using JQueuryUI Themeroller. Many CSS improvements and hopefully, less bugs in IE. Works best in a modern browsers ( No support for IE 6 or 7, time to upgrade!)

4.2.0 Sep 2, 2011

Updated Isotope, Qtip2 and Contact Form code to most current versions. Added options to not show Help dialog on page load and to be able to hide Image Load button if one wants just a single page gallery. Changed options for Thumbnail hover opacity to fade on hover instead of the reverse.

4.1.1 Aug 13, 2011

Fixed ClearBox Lightbox file path issue.

4.1.0 Aug 11, 2011

Updated Isotope, Qtip2, PrettyPhoto and ClearBox javascripts to current versions. Improved Help panel with cookies so it only displays on first visit to site. Added option for random background images.

4.0.0 Jul 22, 2011

Newest Version of LightBoxes, previously known as LightBox2.

Powered by JQuery!

Images are Loaded into the Gallery Dynamically --
Change Gallery Size Dynamically --
Infinite Scrolling of Images --
Sorting and Filtering of Images Dynamically --
Fully Themeable using JQueryUI ThemeRoller! --
Use any Google Font in your gallery --
Use any Image as your Page Background --
Option for users to be able to change Theme, Google Font or Background in a Theme control panel --
Social Links using --
Control Panel Scrolls with Page, on Right or Left. at Top, Center or Bottom of page --
Buit in Contact Form Popup Page --
Built in About Popup Page --
Help Link --

Six LightBox Choices to View Large Image PopUps --
Image Description Popup --
Select Favorites for Filtering or filter by your own keywords --
Sort Images by Name, Size, Date, Folders, etc. --
Shopping Cart Option --
Google Analytics --
EXIF Information Option --
Easily enable Printing of Full Size Images

3.9.3 Oct 21, 2010

Replaces update 3.9.2 which still had a bug in the Settings panel that prevented setting of pagination options. Put all the CSS in a separate file instead of in the Head section.

3.9.1 Jul 30, 2010

Fixed an Internet Explorer script bug which broke ClearBox. An interim update until version 4.0

3.9.0 Mar 18, 2010

Improved page navigation and pagination. Updated and improved the CSS and added options for rounded borders and drop shadows to gallery images.
The html is valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

3.8.0 Jul 28, 2009

Update of ClearBox javascript to v3.02 and an option for a "Breadcrumb" link at the top of the gallery page.

3.7.0 Jul 26, 2009

ClearBox javascript is updated to v3.1. Fixed a number of javascript bugs and a bug (Thanks to hvks2 and EarlyOut) with the skin using Windows XP and Jalbum 8.3.5. Added a link to the home page if there are multiple nested directories accessed from the index page. ( still working on this).

3.6.0 Jul 22, 2009

The ClearBox javascript is now updated to version 3 with the addition of many new features.
Now LightBox2 is able to show many content types:
Image formats: BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG
Movie formats: AVI, MOV, MPG, MPEG, WMV, YouTube
Audio formats: MP3, WAV, WMA
There are many more lightbox user configuration options such as text, colors, animation, navigation and image rotation, thumbnails and now comments will scroll within the Popup if the text is too long for the window.

Sample album

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2 years agohousam

how i make it the programm


2 years agorayc916

Is there a way to make the background transparent if embedding into a webpage?


2 years agoTimidBull

For purchases, is there a way to put different purchase options per image, such as print sizes, when the user goes to purchase?


2 years agoTimidBull

nevermind, figured it out

Tony Williams

2 years agoTony Williams

Further to the question from cetra: Supposing I wanted 10 fields, which skin file should I edit to add the extra fields?


2 years agocetra

Is there any way of adding more fields to the shopping cart above the standard 5 ?


2 years agoDrMikey

No. How many do you think are necessary?