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A JQuery and Twitter Bootstrap CSS based skin with built in gallery pagination ( all gallery images are on the same index.html page),dynamically filtering of images using Jalbums keywords, image favorite selection, a responsive Lightbox with social sharing, a shopping cart and EXIF information option.

Supports foldersPlays audio filesUses JavascriptTransition effect(s)Integrated shopping cartDisplays EXIF/IPTC dataSearch within album
Sep 19, 2012
Last updated
Jan 25, 2015

Commercial use is allowed only if you pay a 3rd party license.
No modifications of the skin are allowed.
You have to pay a fee to the skin author to get rid of the nag screen. Read more on the skin's home page.


2.5.0 Jan 25, 2015 (current)

Updated jQuery and Bootstrap javascript and CSS files. Lightbox is now full screen and updated. Now allows better viewing on mobile screens ( not perfect but previous versions were not compatible). New dropdown keyword filter and updated dynamic pagination. CSS3 hover effects. This will be the last version with an integrated shopping cart for those that use it currently.

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pie2251 3 years ago

Okay Worked It Out I think, So In styles.css Change Body Tag Background: Transparent; Then .Container Tag background: transparent: . That Seems To Work. Can Edit These Throught The Skin Development Tools ? One More Thing To Ask, How Is the Filter Bar Organised. ie. Can I Change Sorted Order On Them ? Thanks


DrMikey 3 years ago

If you need support or have a bug issue, please use the forum or email me, Include a link to your gallery as well, since I need to see code, etc. This ares is for comments on the skin not support issues. Thanks.


pie2251 3 years ago

You Created A Great Skin. The Filters Are A Winner. How Do Make The Background Transparent ? I Have Tried The styles.css background: transparent background-color: transparent I Can Get It Transparent But There No Visible Tiles. Sort Of Defeats The Purpose. Any Help Be Appreciated.


DrMikey 3 years ago

What background do you want to make transparent?


pie2251 3 years ago

The Galery Background , So It Look Like Part Of My Web Page.


panox 3 years ago

I unchecked "Show Social Sharing Icons" - it only worked local, but the icons appear if uploaded the album. How can I get rid of these?


clarence 3 years ago

Great skin! I've uploaded and have created an album but I was wondering how do I make the navagational table appear. I was wanting to have different categories, for my images.


Bradwick 3 years ago

Is there a way to show the shopping cart option once someone has clicked on the thumbnail and forwarded to the enlargement? This seems to be the obvious point at which someone would decide to purchase the picture. Also is there a way to batch process the shopping cart for a large number of pictures instead of entering sizes and prices for each photograph. Most of my albums will have 100 images or more. Very best wishes