EyeSocket 2.0.0

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coderjunkie coderjunkie
Oct 21, 2009
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Jul 12, 2011

You can also install the skin by unzipping this file into the skin folder.


This skin has not been updated for over two years, and may not work with the current version of jAlbum.


EyeSocket is a skin that implements a flash graphic/video gallery known as Cooliris. This is an interactive 'wall' of media that you can zoom in to, zoom out from, start a slideshow, go fullscreen and do the same things! You can also search the current wall/page (by description of image), and there are a lot of configuration options, as well. I have included four stock themes with EyeSocket (you can make your own too) as well as include a background on the wall (instead of colours). You can even change the default buttons and icons to your own.

Note: previewing albums on your computer does not work with this skin. You need to publish it to an Internet (server) to view the album.

Note2: I don't often check the forums (I'm notoriously bad with this for some years now), so if you have a problem, please let me know by mail/private message or on the skin's page. You're welcome to point me to the forum even, but in general I check email far more often than these forums, so I'll see it if you post it here or send me a private message!

Note3: I don't always update the sample url. I will hopefully soon start giving a small album that is here on JAlbum. But since I update a lot, things could have changed, improved or otherwise be different.

Uses Flash
Min. jAlbum version
Commercial use is allowed.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


2.0.0 Jul 12, 2011 (current)

- New version of Cooliris.
- Simplified some confusing options.
- General cleanup.
- Support for hi-res images

1.7.1 Jun 1, 2011

- Fixed links that I thought I had fixed but apparently did not. Sadly, nothing else can realistically be updated for this skin, at this time. Will update when I see that change.

1.7.0 Mar 21, 2011

- Fixed link labels to point to newer locations.
- Cleaned up interface.
- (Unfortunately no new versions of Cooliris so no new features for the time being).

1.6.6 Sep 11, 2010


- I updated version of Cooliris. While I don't really like some social networks, I think most do, and since they added the possibility to share on these networks (facebook etc), I figured it might be good to allow this in EyeSocket too, since obviously people use it.

- Removed filters. I'm working on a new skin (slowly) that will take full advantage of filters. I think that some of the filters would actually ruin the effect of Cooliris. If i'm wrong, feel free to tell me though, please.

1.6.5 Jul 6, 2010

+ More cleanup to some parts of the skin.
+ Improvement/additions to MirrorFilter: you can now specify if the mirror image should be above the original. Or maybe you prefer left or right or below. Either way, all is now possible. Can be done via custom panel [per image] and even globally (though this is not how it's done in EyeSocket, it is possible).

1.6.4 Jun 6, 2010

+ Simplified filters a bit more (removed internal properties wrapper in favour of JAlbums).
+ Reorgnized user interface a bit (mostly internal to the classes)
+ Added a variable tab to Images tab (what was just Filters tab) - selecting this determines which stage to use for image filter applications (both image specific and global).
+ Red style/theme added
+ Removed colour from watermark (seems to work [perhaps obviously] only for text, not watermark)
+ Added clean workaround to the user entering numbers in text field or vice versa.

1.6.3 May 13, 2010

Simplified mirror filters and the user interface for them.

1.6.2 May 12, 2010

Blue theme/style.

1.6.1 May 12, 2010

+ Added fix to filter wrapper (from David) and renamed it so it can be used in EyeSocket (without having to be in Jalbum system directory).
+ Moved the filter calls to index (in a beanshell instance) - get rid of
errors that were generated previously, causing filters to not work properly (esp with the fix to the wrapper, without which other errors were generated)

1.6.0 May 12, 2010

+ Moved Darken/Brighten and the Mirror set of filters to a custom tab in image edit. The only global filter in the skin is now Watermark. Should anyone want global mirrors or darken/brighten, let me know, and I'll put it back in for you!

1.5.9 May 10, 2010

+ Fixed issue that prevented MirrorFilter from being applied (if
darkness/brightness were not specified, in particular)
+ Added a green theme/style
+ Updated light and white themes (which should have been done in version 1.5.7 but was forgotten).

1.5.8 May 9, 2010

Fixed stupid bug causing an error on building a new album (so output directory did not exist). Thanks to monkeyboy for pointing this out!

1.5.7 May 8, 2010

+ Re-licensed everything. This so others will feel free to use the filters I made (given they include License.txt)
+ Added several new files and removed some unused variables/fields.
+ Made the skin's UI layout look more clean and natural (esp for Cooliris tab).
+ Also changed About tab significantly, including giving a better description of EyeSocket.
+ Updated style previews to be a bit bigger (easier to see) [in EyeSocket style selection area].
+ Added slide page back (although, it will only effect those who want to try to directly browse to an image). Should you want that, simply remove slide.htt from the skin directory. (maybe I should add an option in a future version, but do not have time at this moment)
+ Changed styles a bit - changed link (visited, hover, active and otherwise) colours to what I feel may be a bit easier to read.

1.5.6 May 7, 2010

+ Minor bug fixes and code clean-up
+ Converted beanshell scripts to pure Java.
+ Added four filters I created - brighten, darken, mirror (shows image + mirror of it) and mirror only (just the mirror of the image).

1.5.5 May 5, 2010

+ Removed workaround that works around the numbers in text fields for reason of cleanliness and the fact it's technically not an issue with the skin.
+ Removed alert in local preview - added a message instead that replaces Cooliris.

1.5.4 May 4, 2010

+ Added wrappers to JTextFields to keep them always as string when needed (to prevent errors being thrown when a user has a number in the text instead of characters/string).

1.5.3 May 4, 2010

+ Removed note about previewing in onload - added alert in preview mode
(preview mode defined as: Cooliris doesn't load, thus not on a server).

1.5.2 May 4, 2010

+ Fixed the fix on themes/style selection (related to v1.5.0 & 1.5.1 changes)
+ Added a note in onload so that users are aware of needing to publish the album to a webserver in order to view Cooliris properly.
+ Added previews (different angles) per theme.

1.5.1 May 4, 2010

+ Fixed/added missing theme/style setting in headless-settings.jap

1.5.0 May 2, 2010

NOTE: this is for 8.8, which should be officially released this coming week (use v1.4.9 of EyeSocket for earlier versions)

Many internal changes as well as new features for the user. The internal changes you'll mostly see in ChangeLog.txt - the rest:

- removed chrome effect on cooliris bottom bar, which simplifies things greatly + looks better in my view
- the images show up on the wall in three ways - randomly
- skin based selection of widgets is now removed (use Jalbum's version if you need that)
- added style selection
- watermark support
- feed.rss no longer generated as album.rss is changed in new Jalbum
- fixed what I would call an annoying outline on the cooliris side, when you click on the wall or image in it (Firefox issue)
- Various other internal changes and fixes.

As always, let me know should there be any issues and I'll be glad to help out!

1.4.9 Apr 27, 2010

Fixed a major problem that was an artifact of some changes that are mainly for an update (v 1.5.0 - has no such issues) that will be uploaded when Jalbum 8.8 comes out. Removed old 1.4.9 due to it being an abomination.

So note to anyone who has 1.4.9: redownload and issues you most likely saw should be gone.

1.4.8 Apr 21, 2010

+ Fixed paths in several template (htt) files that caused Apache with
mod_security enabled to be triggered = album won't work properly.

1.4.7 Apr 1, 2010

Updated (finally) version to be consistent with the one in Jalbum Online which fixed a few issues with IE and widgets.

1.4.6 Mar 16, 2010

v 1.4.6

+ Another issue with IE - changed flashvars -> wmode to opaque.

NOTE I cannot easily test this as I'm not running a Windows machine here these days, but if there is any issue, please let me know (seems fine in firefox).

1.4.5 Mar 15, 2010

v 1.4.5

+ Fixed bug in IE that showed up with the previous release (which fixed resizing browser window does not resize Cooliris).

1.4.4 Mar 15, 2010

v 1.4.4
+ Fixed stupid 'Cooliris won't resize after a window resize' bug. Thanks to Anders for letting me know!

As always, let me know if you have any problems.

1.4.3 Mar 7, 2010

v 1.4.3
+ Only generate Cooliris objects/etc if there are images
+ Removed a lot of interpreter calls to improve performance
+ Moved Cooliris Wall Width back to Cooliris tab (no longer an issue to have it in general)
+ New option: You can have the website title change upon selection of an image; upon deselection, it goes back to original title (of the page itself)
+ New Cooliris version
+ Fixed a possible issue with media RSS files; feed.rss not being written to html file (link tag)
+ Disabled thumbnail generation as Cooliris does not need them; this should also improve performance.

1.4.2 Feb 26, 2010

Online Use fixes; most won't effect other users (except last one and only if you had 100% width for Cooliris).

+ Changed some classes to implement JComponentHolder so that JAlbum can see the fields of the classes direclty in 'ControlPanel' user interface
(this for online use).
+ Updated headless-settings.jap
+ Updated other files to account for the class/fields changes.
+ Removed bottom bar when Cooliris takes full browser window (menu disbled)

1.4.1 Feb 11, 2010

Fixed a small mistake after changing a location of a field, which would have effected validation of that field's text (validation on input).

1.4.0 Feb 10, 2010

v 1.4
+ Changed Cooliris width a bit so that headless-settings.jap can set it to 100 (disables menu; this for Online use which
currently does not support subdirectories/subfolders in albums)
+ Removed 'message' field from menu (so no longer has: Created by EyeSocket, a JAlbum skin).
+ Removed help section, as it only clutters up the menu and I think most can figure out Cooliris once it loads.
+ Removed slides. This means JAlbum v8.6+ is REQUIRED.
+ You know that bug with link? I put it back in: since slides are gone, no point - if you add a Link specifically, it goes there; else it goes to # (current document)
+ Disabled generation of 'album.rss' - since v1.3+ generates its own feed, I see no reason for an extra file per folder to be generated.

1.3.0 Dec 26, 2009

+ Significant change! Video (flv) support now added! This was already possible in Cooliris, but not in EyeSocket due to the way feeds were generated; changed this and so you can now include flv video files. This basically means you can see a video inside the Cooliris wall when you focus on the file.

+ Fixed a bug, also in the feed template - small breakage in that Cooliris link would not work properly when requested.

1.2.3 Dec 23, 2009

+ Added a preview to give album creator a better idea; preview includes full screen and normal view, both for in focus (focus on a picture) and out of focus (of a specific picture - so a better view of the wall).

1.2.2 Dec 22, 2009

Quick update includes:

+ Cooliris wall width option - this will define how wide the menu is, also, which means you can fit longer album descriptions in more easily, as well as make it more fitting to your preferences, albeit maybe only slightly.

+ Added 'folder.gif' to the res folder in skin and included it next to (left) of folders in the menu, to make it easier to see the link is a folder.

Happy Holidays!

1.2.1 Dec 8, 2009

+ Fixed a possible breakage of the generated album; mediaRSS must = true! Set in hints.jap now, after trying to figure out why a user couldn't get their album to work.

+ Made the menu frame bottom bar align and look a bit nicer when using light/white theme.

NOTE: It was mentioned to me that for some reason EyeSocket cannot be downloaded. I currently am trying to figure out why, but in the mean time, please note you can download it here:


I will also be putting up some more example albums sometime soon with animals - will include subfolders to give you a better idea of how that looks, as well.

1.2.0 Dec 8, 2009

+ Added a help area under the menu
+ Added a bar at bottom of the menu 'frame' to match each theme (Cooliris bottom bar).
+ Added some event handlers to change colors as you change the theme.
+ Added some padding to text in menu.

Hopefully that about covers it - let me know if you have any problems.

1.1.2 Dec 1, 2009

Full screen support! Simply right click on the Cooliris wall and you should have the option to enter Full screen. Hit esc to exit full screen (that will be printed to the user, also).

Also fixed style sheet to use font size properly.

1.1.1 Dec 1, 2009

Added a menu system on the left hand side of the browser window. Takes 10% of the screen width. 90% is dedicated to Cooliris. I have a wide screen but hoping that this will be okay for most browsers and screens regardless given it's a percentage.

Fixed a bug preventing Cooliris from loading, as well as fixed/prevented internet explorer from reporting 'unknown runtime error' (somehow I missed testing it last time).

Lastly, changed a few defaults (rows on wall default to 3, changed default colors, and also the tilt value and embed display code).

1.1.0 Nov 29, 2009

Prepared for online use

1.0.2 Nov 17, 2009

With this release, you no longer should have to worry about global feed nonsense - just set up the album how you normally would, and it should sort it out, per the following: only subfolders means let user choose which subfolder - which will load that folder in Cooliris; otherwise, load it all from the root.

Any problems, let me know.

1.0.1 Nov 12, 2009

EyeSocket will now calculate the full screen width and height of the browser. I think this will improve the experience but as a side effect, it also will be easier on those with smaller monitors (say if you have too wide of a wall).

Thumbnail pages can be ignored by setting the proper global feed level. See ChangeLog for an example on how this works (basic idea is it won't generate a table for anything below the level you specify).

1.0 Oct 21, 2009

EyeSocket is a complete rewrite of my now deprecated IrisCodeBox. It's main features is Cooliris. Lightbox has been removed, but far more options exist with Cooliris. See screenshots (a couple of the tabs are included in screenshots) or download and check it out for more info!

More skins made by coderjunkie

Sample album

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4 years agocoderjunkie

Do you want it a different list per each image ? If so that could be a potential problem. But as I recall, there is a way to take the user to a (say a website) by editing the album.rss file in the skin directory. I could then add the option to edit that, if that would help. It wouldn't take long after I get your message (unless something comes up). So basically I need to know: one url or multiple urls (depending on image). If it is multiple, I just thought of a way to do it, though that might take a bit more time to implement (but should be do-able). Let me know and I'd be happy to help out.


4 years agorickycr

When I click on a photo there's a button "Open this item's page" how can I configure this to open a list of photos?


6 years agoadvaar

its a wonderful way to pan the photos, you can zoom in or zoom out at ease..!!

coderjunkie has a Premium storage subscriptioncoderjunkie is a skin developer

6 years agocoderjunkie

:) I added some new stuff too. Four new filters I created (brighten/darken and two mirror filters [which could probably be together as one but didn't do that for now]), and general code clean-up as well. Either way - glad you could help, and really appreciate it!

Kristoffer Jelbring
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I'm just happy to help :)