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I've been using it for years and it gets better and better!


I've been using it for years and it gets better and better!

(Sep 26, 2016)

/ Loren Scherbak ( )


Really disappointing day trying to get the album to load


I chose you guys because you seemed simple to use. And you were. So I spent all this time uploading pictures of my son and his girlfriend together for the last year because they don't have that many pictures of them together. And I showed them to my son on his birthday as a jAlbum and he loved it. And I bought a subscription to your site so he could look at the album anytime and I could update it. and then the next day he tried to log on and he couldn't see anything. So I tried and got some unspecific error about it not finding the files. So I spent three hours on a saturday re-uploading the files (that doesn't work - it pretends it's reuploading them but it doesn't actually upload them). Then I renamed the album so it would actually re-upload all the files. And that worked. But when you clicked on the link, it still gave you an error. I did that four times. So there were four albums displayed on the website, and apparently all the files had uploaded four times, but the links on the website didn't work. So I finally just uploaded all the pictures to a Box account and he downloaded them from there. So now he just has the pictures on his computer and he will never use the jAlbum account that I created with love.Apparently it was just a web server issue on your part. Because the next day I guess someone came in and rebooted the server that's apparently under someone's desk and everything worked again. But the magic was gone. My gift was done. poof.My suggestion to you, from a person that works in an Enterprise world, is, if you aren't going to support the five nines of uptime, at least have error messages that your users can parse. If I had understood that the "I can't find those files" error message I saw was that your infrastructure was screwed up, I would have just given it a rest. But I instead assumed that it was user error and kept on trying to fix it. Which put me in a killing rage against jAlbum.'nuf said.

(Sep 25, 2016)

/ pam nesbitt ( )


Great results and good help-desk!


Since Picasa dropped me (ans a few others!) into nothingness, my husband found you, and managed to get over the few little points that we wanted changed, with the help of your Help people.We shall be completely happy IF you don't drown us in more mails for News and Appreciation and Offers!Thank you!

(Sep 18, 2016)

/ Suzy Vascotto ( )


Excellent, easy-to-use software and cloud storage


Very good and useful for storing large numbers of photos. Currently 3000 plus in my collection.

(Sep 17, 2016)

/ Alan E ( )


Import Photos


I like the product very much and it was extremely easy to make a photo album to publish on my domain. However I have over 12'000 photos and this is near to impossible to import all! That is why I will only use it to publish my album, which I think is a pity

(Sep 16, 2016)

/ Glesli ( )

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