jAlbum tutorials

Make your own user page theme

If you have a Premium or Power account you also have the possibility to design your own user page theme from the Settings tab. This tutorial will show you how.

Feel free to download the images used in this tutorial.

  • Background image

    Find and press the "Upload image" button under the "Background" header. To achieve the best result you need to make sure that your image fits your user profile. To do that you need to set the size of your image, this is usally done with a photo editing software (like Photoshop). The background image used in this example is 2000 pixels wide and 600 pixels high.

    Remember that you can not upload images that are larger than 1MB so make sure that you save your image in an approriate web format ("Save for Web" in Photoshop).

    When your image has been uploaded you will automatically see a preview of how your page will look like using that image.

    You can now click the "Advanced options" to change the background positioning and decide wheter your image should be repeated or not. Experiment with the settings to find a combination that works for your image. In this example alignment is set to "Center" and "Top" and tiling is set to "Don't repeat".

  • Header image

    You can also upload your own header image. That is the image shown on the top of your profile page, behind the welcome text. Upload the image by pressing the "Upload image" button under the "Header" header.

    For the best result the header image should be 980 pixels wide and 180 pixels high. Larger images will be cropped to fit this size and smaller images will not be able to fill up the entire top area. Remember that this image can't be larger than 1MB either.

    Opacity control

    After you have uploaded your image you can change its opacity. Opacity controls the transparency of the image. 100% opacity means completely transparent. In this example the transparency has been set to 20%.

  • Colors

    Under "Page colors" you will find eight colored boxes, one for each part of your profile page.

    When you click each box a window will open. In this window you can change the color using RGB, HSB, hexadecimal color codes or by simply clicking the color chart. For the best result try to find colors that match the background and header image. In this example the page background color has been set to the same color that is used in the gradient of the background image, this way the background color will cover the parts of the page that isn't covered by the actual image.

  • Saving your changes

    When you are satisfied with all your changes just click the "Save" button below the colored boxes. Go back to your user page to check out your new look!

    This is what our example theme looks like in action: http://janedoe.jalbum.net/