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jAlbum desktop app

Customize your albums to the finest details, upload them to any site, use any skin (theme). Browse jAlbum skins here.

jAlbum instantBeta

Can it be easier? Create albums with a single right click.

jAlbum iOS app

Create albums from wherever you are. Search & browse albums, check activity.

  jAlbum desktop application jAlbum desktop app jAlbum instant jAlbum instant jAlbum iOS app jAlbum iOS app online album creator Online jAlbum
Hardware Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Mac OSX or Linux Windows PC iPhone, iPad, iPod touchrequires iOS 3.1.3 or later any browser
Customization literally endless fixed settings15 skins via Online jAlbum fixed settings15 skins via Online jAlbum 15 skins fixed settings
Upload to any sitethat you have FTP access to

jAlbum skins

Skins are plugins to the jAlbum desktop software that customize the look and feel of your albums. Hundreds of skins are available in the skin repository.

online album creator

Online jAlbum

Did we mention you don't need to download anything to create a jAlbum album? The online jAlbum creator will do everything straight from your browser.