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* This skin is a specialized subset of the Matrix skin. It does not produce a thumbnail page and does not support folders - visitors to the page are immediately placed in a slideshow of the images.
* Displays JPG, PNG, and GIF images, MP4 videos, flat horizontal panoramics, and YouTube and Vimeo videos.
* User control over the title bar content, control bar type, control bar position, and captioning options (position, titles, comments, file names, EXIF info, tooltip popups, image count).
* Allows placement of buttons in the caption area for printing, opening the image in a new window, external links, a "mailto link" (to contact the album creator, for example), and/or a "send link" (to email a direct link to the selected image to someone else).
* Option, if images are geotagged, to place a link to Google maps in the caption area.
* Optional automated slideshow.
* Optional music tracks.
* Option to include a sliding thumbnail strip on the image page.
* Allows the user to choose any color combination, or to use one of several predefined styles. The ability to use custom colors makes the skin easy to integrate into an existing website.
* User control over borders and shadows on all design elements.
* Allows the user to select a font family, to include a Google font, and to include a WOFF file, and to select font size, weight, style, and variant for each design element.
* User-configurable language support.
* Allows the user to insert a favicon link, a meta description, a meta robots tag, and Google Analytics code.
* CSS and HTML code may be inserted into the finished albums via entries in the user interface.
* Produces code that passes W3C validation as HTML5 and CSS3.

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Kommerzielle Nutzung ist nur erlaubt, wenn Sie eine jAlbum Pro-Lizenz besitzen.
Änderungen der Skin sind zulässig.


36.0.0 23.04.2017 (Aktuell)

* Option to have the skin automatically exclude any unsupported objects, i.e., things that the skin can't display anyway: audio files, PDF's, custom pages, etc. See the Misc tab.
* Coding included to disable the unwanted download icon on the video and audio control bars in the Chrome browser (version 58 or higher).
* Old project correction code restored. You can now open a MatrixSlide project created with any prior version of the skin, and the skin will do its best to account for changes since that version. If you have difficulty getting an older project to look the way you want it to in the latest version, please post a question in the jAlbum forums, and I'll help you sort it out.
* A minor internal change in the way the skin checks for folders in the album project. (A MatrixSlide project may not contain folders unless they are excluded - setting them as hidden is not sufficient.)

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Chistian Andersen

Chistian Andersen vor einem Monat

I am using MatrixSlide skin, and are very satisfied with it...Except for one thing: thumpnail in vertical format are in very pure quality when shown on web page, because they are strecht, I allway have to make new thumpnail with another tool, to secure the quality. NB on my web pages, thumpnail are placed at the right side of the page


jGromit vor einem Monat

Please post questions and problems in the forums, not here. Thank you.


jGromit vor 21 Tagen

I've replied both via private message and via a forum post. Please let me know if my suggested fixes have taken care of the problem. If not, please post in the forum, not here. Thank you.

Richard Goralczyk

Richard Goralczyk vor 7 Monaten

I am currently using your latest version and need to know how to prevent the photo's within a album from being downloaded Thanks Richard


jGromit vor 7 Monaten

You can't. If a site visitor can see an image, he can grab a copy of it, one way or another.


gerybubus vor 2 Jahren

Congratulations for you skin, it's great, responsive, with a lot of settings option! I have just a quick question: if I open the MatrixSlide settings in jAlbum, the "Custom" tab is inactive. Is it normal? Is there any way to activate it? Thanks, Greg


jGromit vor 2 Jahren

Choose the "Custom" style of the skin. See:

Levy Roger

Levy Roger vor 2 Jahren

Congratulations for this almost perfect skin for me. I said almost because after every video I have to click on play to continue the slideshow. Is this normal, or is there a way to automatically resume the slide show? Thank you. (Translation French / English by Google)


jGromit vor 2 Jahren

The slideshow script has no way of detecting that a video has ended. So, the only thing the skin can do is pause the slideshow when it hits a video.


michael53 vor 2 Jahren

I really do like the skin and I just have one question: Is there any way to present a panorama in its size (with the possibility to scroll in the Picture)? If not, the panaorma will fill the size but it comes quite narrow. But anyway: great done!


jGromit vor 2 Jahren

Yes. See the user's manual:


jGromit vor 2 Jahren

And see the fourth item in the sample album: