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Released: 30. januar 2017


News and Updates

  • jAlbum can now link straight from thumbnails to the original version of an image file for individual images. This is convenient when mixing ordinary JPEG images and animated GIF images for instance.
  • Bundled with updated Turtle skin 5.5.15

Bug fixes

  • If closed in iconified state, jAlbum would open in iconified state, sometimes not permitting its main window to open. jAlbum now either opens in normal, maximized or full screen state
  • The Arty effects wouldn't process some JPEG images and other file formats
  • On rare occasions, the embedded web browser wouldn't respond, causing jAlbum's user interface to freeze. Now, jAlbum releases the user interface after a 10 second timeout if this browser unresponsiveness occurs again.
  • jAlbum's embedded text editor would sometimes not open files correctly, instead generating error messages to the system console

Released: 12. januar 2017


News and Updates

  • jAlbum's organizer can now also group files by keywords
  • New "price" variable and data entry field (under Edit->Description) to simplify setting price-per-item
  • Bundled Turtle skin updated to v5.5.13
  • Now automatically closes skin update notifications when downloading skin updates

Bug fixes

  • Fixed skin installation bug causing some newly installed skins to fail loading (manifests only on 1:st skin loading when going from bundled to installed skin and for skins having compiled code)
  • Fixed missing error cause, hiding errors occuring in compiled code
  • Fixed concurrency issue causing various errors in ssh library
  • Aborting ftp/sftp connection attempts is now more solid
  • Local preview on Linux didn't respect the default browser if the path contained characters that needed to be URL encoded
  • Fix to https based rss feeds (broken "absoluteURL")
  • Fix to disabling of make album button during skin loading (wasn't disabling from UI thread)
  • The logo and text effects wouldn't respect HiDPI if applied to thumbnails

Released: 21. december 2016


News and Updates

  • Updated editor with code folding and several bug fixes
  • Updated 3:rd party ftp and sftp upload libraries to improve upload compatibility and stability
  • Better integration between jAlbum and editor. Hit the "Edit" button when skin errors occur to be taken to the relevant file and line and see the error highlighted
  • Improved error reporting. Line number reporting improved
  • Polished Darcula look and feel for Windows (Toolbar buttons and slider knob)
  • Closes progress dialog prior to opening error dialog on make album error
  • Closes skin error dialogue when clicking edit
  • Editor also respects Darcula look and feel
  • Includes updated Turtle and PhotoBlogger skins. (Earlier Turtle skin could cause jAlbum to crash on Windows)
  • Added warning icons for too small source images (with HiDPI images selected)
  • Polished notifications for Darcula look and feel
  • Developers: Added file extension filter support to JFileSelector component
  • Minor improvements to HiDPI support for Text-, Logo- and XBorderFilter
  • Embedded editor now uses the OS native file choosers

Bug fixes

  • Current HiDPI project settings would be inherited when loading old album projects
  • jAlbum could incorrectly warn about saving changes when closing album projects even if no changes had been made
  • Chained directories logic fixed (could produce some truly confusing linking earlier)
  • Fixed broken Facebook importer and bad looking Facebook icon (for Darcula look)
  • Fix for remembering maximized and full screen state
  • "Upload all" was only uploading changes
  • Fix for full screen bug (Went full screen sometimes even when it shouldn't)
  • The superimposed play icon for video thumbnails got smaller with HiDPI mode
  • Mac file chooser causing nullpointer exception for null directories
  • The Preview view mode didn't get activated when setting Image directory for an empty project

Released: 24. november 2016


News and Updates

  • jAlbum's user interface is now also available in a stylish dark theme ("Darcula" look and feel"). Select it from jAlbum Preferences. Note, only available for Pro and Power users.
  • Added support for HiDPI images in generated albums (see Settings->Images). This makes images look sharper on HiDPI screens such as modern mobile devices. Compare these normal-dpi and HiDPI albums
  • Album objects may now be copied and pasted. Even works between album projects
  • Updated user interface icons
  • Updated embedded Turtle skin

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue preventing using symbolic links as album folder

Released: 27. oktober 2016


News and Updates

  • You can now drag and drop images and folders FROM jAlbum to other programs, just like you've been able to drag and drop TO jAlbum. This facilitates working with supporting programs like image editors and book making software.
  • New "batch make album tool" to facilitate the remaking of several album projects in one go
  • jAlbum's file organizing tools moved from View->Organize to the top menu bar (really not view options as they relocate files and folders)
  • Developers: jAlbum's template parser is now more strict, catching more syntactical errors
  • Developers: jAlbum's template parser now reports file and line number for errors to assist in debugging
  • jAlbum's Print plugin improved and embedded into jAlbum. It's thereby available under File->Print as well as on the context menu. The Print feature can now also print image dimensions.
  • Slight performance enhancement to template parser
  • Bundled skins Turtle and Photoblogger updated
  • Developers: You can now use Icons.get() to read SVG icons for your skins
  • Updated English, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian and Korean translations. Thank you dear translators!
  • Removed outdated "Alloy" look and feel

Bug fixes

  • The color picker for web based skin user interfaces didn't respond to clicks (Java bug, fixed in u112 release)
  • Developers: jAlbum's generated JSON data contained duplicates of inherited user variables. New JSON data is now more compact

Released: 30. september 2016


News and Updates

  • The thumbnails in jAlbum's Explore view are now zoomable. Zoom out to any extent to gain overview while arranging objects, zoom in to see details.
  • The thumbnails in jAlbum's Explore view are now rendered in high resolution on HiDPI (Retina) screens
  • Now automatically pops up upload/manage dialog on authentication errors while uploading.
  • Developers: Added "clipLength" variable to conveniently present video length
  • Now using HiDPI (retina) icons for the buttons of the video player user interface too
  • Updated translations. Thank you dear translators
  • Developers: JSON data now includes "thumb" node for root folder too, making finding the representing thumbnail for an album easier.

Bug fixes

  • jAlbum would not always suggest a sub folder to upload to when uploading to one's own ftp server

Released: 26. august 2016


News and Updates

  • Skins can now be developed using web technologies only (html+css+javascript). See MinimalWeb skin. No need for any Java or BeanShell knowledge in order to create the settings user interface of a skin. Just add a "ui.html" file to the skin's folder and jAlbum will pick up the named variables from the html form of that html file.
  • Skin developers may now also use JavaFX technology to design skin user interfaces with minimum coding efforts using Scene Builder. See MinimalFX skin. The visual layout is stored in a FXML file ("ui.fxml"). The needed logic can be added in JavaScript using an "onload.js" file.
  • External tools can now be written in any language supported by the underlying Java engine, for instance JavaScript. (Use ".js" file extension)
  • The embedded video editor now also supports .mov containers as well as .mp4
  • The ordering of files is now unaffected when adding files by drag and drop (was earlier automatically set to "custom")
  • Holding down SHIFT or ALT while accessing View->Update will also cause thumbnail cache to be cleared
  • Added contextual menus to caption editor for jAlbum's Explore view
  • Updated French and German languages. Thank you dear translators
  • Bundled with updated Java 8 (1.8.0_102)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in the Publish window causing the parent folder of a deleted child object to not be selected
  • The percentage indicator when processing clipped/truncated videos was incorrect

Released: 5. juli 2016


News and Updates

  • New embedded video player and improved video editor, just double click .mp4 videos to launch it.
  • Added "digitizedDate" variable
  • One can now use the right mouse button while editing captions, titles and filenames to get a popup context menu
  • Supports JavaFX based skin user interfaces too
  • Supports the current version of the ffmpeg video processor
  • Updated embedded skins Turtle and Fully. Fully now supports video and larger folder structures
  • "Paste filters" now avoids overwriting existing filters applied to target objects

Bug fixes

  • Fixed startup error preventing start of jAlbum when certain kind of data was present on the clipboard

Released: 18. maj 2016


News and Updates

  • Multiple files and folders can now be renamed in one go. (Select target album objects, right click and select "Rename N items")
  • Stability rewrites to upload handler
  • Hovering the mouse over album objects now presents a "More" button that presents available options, instead of presenting the Edit option. Double click images to quickly edit them. (This change was made to make novice users aware of context menus)
  • More operations are now made undoable
  • Updated Turtle and Minimal skins
  • Bundled with updated 64 bit Java engine (1.8.0_92-b14)

Bug fixes

  • Fix to hanging when aborting ftp connect attempts
  • jAlbum would halt on processing RAW files if "Include metadata in generated images" was checked
  • "Repair link" didn't allow repairing broken folder links
  • Some portrait oriented Nikon RAW images were incorrectly stretched
  • Some JPEG images had their colors distorted to cyan-magenta hues. This applied to JPEG images using a RGB color space instead of a YCbCr color space (Note: Don't confuse this with color profiles)
  • "Repair link" didn't position the file chooser in the nearest existing target folder
  • The representing folder thumbnail wasn't updated when adding or removing files from within it
  • More robust closing of IO resources after completed IO operations

Released: 21. marts 2016


News and Updates

  • Supports fast reading of 38 RAW file formats. See new "RAW" settings panel when editing images.
  • Icons are rendered in hiDPI on retina displays (vector based instead of bitmap based)
  • Mac version now plays mp4 videos from the embedded browser too
  • Updated skins, and bundled with recently released Responsive skin
  • Videos now have the well known "Play" icon superimposed on thumbnails to simplify locating videos among images instead of the smaller "film strip" icon.
  • Improved error reporting for fatal errors
  • All installers (including Linux) are now bundled with latest Java 8 (1.8.0_u74)
  • The space key now serves as shortcut to open the currently selected image in full screen review mode
  • Developers: Added "widgetJavaScript" variable to enable widget support in skins that rely on JavaScript instead of iframe for embedding
  • The progress dialog shown during album making is now resizable

Bug fixes

  • Skin loading could crash with a ClassNotFound exception
  • The text filter and Text effect did not accept the $ sign (was reserved for marking variables only)
  • jAlbum would freeze if trying to move a linked folder to within itself
  • Changes made to variables during album making was not always respected
  • Videos flagged with "Do not re-encode" would end up in the root of the album folder instead of under "slides"
  • Videos marked with "Do not re-encode" were missing the videoWidth and videoHeight variables
  • jAlbum would crash when previewing albums on some computers (bug in earlier embedded Java)
  • Some languages did not have the "undo"/"redo" words translated

Released: 28. oktober 2015


News and Updates

  • jAlbum 13 comes with a new free 30 day trial for all users! Free update for all who have an active support & update plan. (Install next to existing version to safely evaluate the improvements). Read blog post for licensing and update terms.
  • The embedded browser didn't work on Windows 10
  • Support for collaborative albums (albums where several people contribute with images). Have images mailed to automatically appear in collaborative album projects. Read more!
  • Organize your images easily in folders based on camera date, place etc. Have duplicates deleted. See View->Organize. Read more!
  • jAlbum's Explore view now has multiple level undo & redo for many operations (move, rename etc)
  • Control folder structure of generated albums independent of how source images are organized (See Settings->Structure)
  • New embedded browser component ("WebView" based on WebKit) for preview view mode, capable of playing mp4 videos natively. Currently available on Windows and Linux versions only
  • Windows version comes as 64 bit app by default
  • Native file choosers are now used everywhere
  • Updated Arty filter sporting three new artistic filters and improved performance
  • Developers: New JSONMaker API to significantly simplify JavaScript based skin development
  • Responsive skin "PhotoBlogger" now bundled
  • Processed videos now go inside "slides" sub folder
  • Updated bundled Turtle, Base and Minimal skins
  • Developers: New "videoPath" variable. JSpinner controls may now have Strings and Doubles too.
  • Mac version now requires OS X 10.8. For older Macs, that lack support for Java 8, please download jAlbum 12.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed potential UI freeze when loading broken skins
  • Fixed nullpointer exception during file copying
  • More robust handling of camera metadata
  • Fixed bug stopping album making when errors in video processing occured
  • Fixed bug causing cursor key navigation to fail when navigating objects of different height
  • Deleted objects weren't put in the recycle bin when running on 64 bit Java engine

Released: 30. maj 2015


News and Updates

  • Supports 3-digit hex colors too (#ABC meaning #AABBCC)
  • Developers: Added setWhenAdded to jAlbum's AlbumObject API
  • Native Mac file chooser now also supports filtering on file types
  • Added a "Thread dump" button to jAlbum's system console window to ease debugging
  • Developers: Made layoutHints property available via Config API
  • Updated bundled skins Turtle, Base and Fully
  • Updated German and Dutch translations. Thank you translators!
  • Refactored out old code
  • Updated Turtle, Base and Minimal skins

Bug fixes

  • Updating some skins on Windows (Turtle for instance) caused file locked warnings
  • Newly added videos couldn't be edited (clip start/stop and representing thumbnail)
  • Fixed bug causing remote directory to be set to another project's remote directory setting when switching projects while upload window is still open
  • Moving between images in edit mode was slow due to non functioning image cacheing
  • Fixed bug causing nullpointer exception on some image tools
  • "Save copy as" could generate images with inconsistent orientation information thereby causing images to be presented sideways

Released: 1. marts 2014


Released: 27. november 2012


News and Updates

  • Windows version packaged with an updated installer software
  • Easier to correctly activate license (erroneous trailing spaces are trimmed from the activation code)
  • Bundled Base skin updated

Bug fixes

  • Windows version could sometimes trigger security warnings
  • The "IPTC author" field of images could sometimes leak into the xmp title field of images
  • Uploads could sometimes end up with an error in "Notifier" (missing album URL)
  • Fix for custom image size error (image specific maxImageWidth etc variables ignored when generating variables)
  • Loading album projects by dropping project files onto the dock icon on Mac could sometimes cause errors
  • Fix for not being able to open folders containing double spaces in file names (Windows only)
  • More robust against errors reading xml metadata from .info files
  • Fix for calculation of album URL (we sometimes got "No web directory selected")
  • Running the Mac version as another user than the installed user would prevent the system standard file chooser from opening
  • Fix for nullpointer exception bug when painting thumbnails in the UI
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