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NoteBook Gallery is a jQuery based skin for displaying content in a flipbook style layout.
A Responsive LightBox with social sharing.

Gallery Page Options:

Use any Google Font in your gallery,
Use any Image as your Page Background,
Option for users to be able to change Colors, Font or Background,
Social Links using AddThis,
NavBar with an Index Page,
searchable by keywords,
Buit in Contact Form Page,
Built in About Page,
Help Link.

NoteBook Options:

LightBox PopUp to View Large Images,videos,external links and Youtube/Vimeo
Social Sharing for each image popup,
Front and Back NoteBook Cover Option,
Turn Pages using Mouse Cursor , Keyboard or Autoplay Slideshow,
Next and Previous Link Icons,
Chapter and Page Menus,
Shopping Cart Option,
EXIF Info Option,
Print Full Size Images,
Scrollable Image Description Text.

Používá JavaScriptMá slideshowHledání v albuPřehrává audio souboryS nákupním košíkemZobrazuje EXIF ​​/ IPTCPřechodové efekty
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3.3.0 18.2.2014 (aktuální)

Updated CSS and jQuery, plugins to most recent versions. Fixed a bug where the print icon persisted in some skin settings

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sciman před 2 lety

Terrific and flexible NoteBook with controllable sizes for more text. The author is supremely helpful with email. Lots of interesting features.


JJSchad před 3 lety

How do you add a jpeg to the front cover


JJSchad před 3 lety

I apologize, I was only working with this skin when I try others they all do the same thing, so must be a bad upgrade to 12 from 11.6.4, checking further


JJSchad před 3 lety

keep crashing under jalbum 12


AriT před 3 lety

Is there any option to create a link via slides to full size pictures? I could not figure out how to view the original photos...


DrMikey před 3 lety

Slides are not supported but you can set "Link to Originals" under the Pages tab in jalbum


AriT před 3 lety

Thank you for the prompt reply. The very first thing I already tried was what you proposed but I always get a scaled down image on pop-up window no mather what I select in JAlbum Pages-options. The only work around to this issue I found so far was to manualy put a link to point to original image file (like original) into Image Description text. This works but requires some work and it opens the image in separate tab (in case of Firefox) and when coming back to NoteBook the cover page is activated. JAlbum options were set to copy the originals to album's directory.


AriT před 3 lety

html-code was dropped from my reply, i tried to write (like a-tag href="xxximg.jpg"original end-a-tag)


DrMikey před 3 lety

The lightbox will always scale the original image to the size of the browser window so they do not extend out of the window. You can use the full screen icon to make it bigger in a supported browser.That is the design of the lightbox. If you code a link to the image itself, it will open in a new window or tab and you will leave the original page. That is your option if you do not want a lightbox.