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Nano is a jQuery based, all in one page, responsive image gallery.
Nano shows Images Only, no video currently.
Display thumbnails with title and description.
Justified, cascading and grid layout.
Responsive thumbnail sizes
Images are displayed in full view via a modal popup window.
Touchscreen enabled and responsive.
Pagination and images support swipe gesture.
Galleries and photos are automatically resized.
Support multi-level navigation.
Breadcrumb to navigate in photo albums.
Support deep linking to albums.
Spice up your Portfolio with eye-catching hover effects.
Color schemes to change layout without editing any CCS files.
Slideshow, fullscreen, pagination, content lazy load, image lazy load, themes, deep linking, data caching, image pre-loading, and more.

Přechodové efektyPro dotykové rozhraníZobrazuje EXIF ​​/ IPTCMá slideshowPoužívá JavaScriptPodporuje složkyResponsive layout
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1.4.2 9.4.2017 (aktuální)

Fixed a few bugs. Added option to hide minimize button in popup image viewer. Version 2 is almost done so no more updates to this version are likely.

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jim catlin

jim catlin před měsícem

Hi DrMikey, having issues viewing the folders in this album http://jalbum.net/en/browse/user/album/1361208, I have the registered 1.4.2R. Every time I 'make the album' now, no folders are displaying. It has been working great. I have tried updating to jalbums 14.0 and also reloading the project settings from my other albums that currently seem to work, but no luck. It's blank on the desktop app as well as online. I'm using a mac with the latest version of Sierra. Any help appreciated, Thanks


DrMikey před měsícem

I will take a look.


DrMikey před měsícem

The problem is an apostrophe in a description.It breaks the javascript. Short term, you may have to remove the apostrophe until I fix it. I am working on Nano v2 right now. This is where the code is broken (Macy's) description:'Macy' s', src:'Urban/slides/_6118328.jpg',srct:'Urban/thumbs/_6118328.jpg'

jim catlin

jim catlin před měsícem

Great thank you, will remove it :)

Alain Moxa

Alain Moxa před 4 měsíci

Hello ! I have JAlbum V12.7, is't ok for nano ? I have a tuto video ? How pay you, I don't find. I'm french et my english is not very good ;) Best regards Alain France - Bordeaux

Stephen Parezo

Stephen Parezo před 7 měsíci

You created a fix for me for 13.7.2 so I'm just going to go back and use that for now... I have blown away the albums that I am having problems with...I just can't get frame number to show up which makes it very difficult for my customers to view and select there favorite image by frame number. Not sure if you have another skin that would allow me to do this or how to do it with your skin again. Thank you, Stephen Parezo


DrMikey před 7 měsíci

Nano version 1.4.1 is no different than the fix I sent to you dealing with issues with 13.7.2

Stephen Parezo

Stephen Parezo před 7 měsíci

Hello, just upgraded to Jalbum 13.8 and titles don't show up on images on mobile device... anything I can do on this end?


DrMikey před 7 měsíci

I can't answer your question without seeing your gallery. There are no current issues reported with mobile use so it may be a problem with your particular gallery. Once I can see your code, I can help with your issue.


rundlewood před 8 měsíci

After playing around with various things, it seems that it is a combination of the jpg's that I was using (not sure what is wrong with them because they worked in Turtle skin) and the comments.properties file. It there is a " ' " in the comment then they will not work.