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Min. verze jAlbum

Just as the name hints, a very minimalistic skin where your images are in focus. The code is also minimalistic to encourage others to copy and paste from

FreewareZobrazí mapuPodporuje složkyPřehrává video souboryPoužívá JavaScriptPodpora jAlbum widgetůResponsive layout
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7.1.0 14.8.2017 (aktuální)

Now allows flexible selection of what kinds of labels to display below thumbnails (file name, comment, title etc)

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David Ekholm

David Ekholm před 8 dny

Hi Bob, Don't worry about the warning. Minimal is still maintained. Here's a slight modification to its "index.htt" file which ensures that comments, titles or filenames are also presented under each thumbnail: http://jalbum.net/download/MinimalStandard.jaskin

David Ekholm

David Ekholm před 7 dny

Hi again Bob. Please check out this thread for an even more flexible solution: http://jalbum.net/forum/thread.jspa?messageID=319533񎀭

Bob Horne

Bob Horne před 9 dny

I have found that your Standard skin does what I'm looking for but there's a warning that it might not work since it hasn't been updated recently. However, I find that it appears to be working for me. If Minimal is a better option, I need to know how to display the titles beneath each image as in Standard. Thank you very much, Bob in Dallas

Bob Horne

Bob Horne před 9 dny

Is there a way to have the image title displayed beneath each image in an album? I see a couple of similar comments here over several years, but none of the solutions seem to be working for me? I'm working with Minimal v7.0. Thank you, Bob from Dallas, TX


jGromit před měsícem

This is not the current release.

David Ekholm

David Ekholm před měsícem

Fixed :-)


Harrys před 2 lety

Hello, I can only go back to the index page of my website http://www.dutch-landscapes.nl from a Minimal album. Why not, for example to http://www.dutch-landscapes.nl/photo.html where all my other albums links are listed. Greetings, Hay

David Ekholm

David Ekholm před 2 lety

When I click the home button from your album I get to http://www.dutch-landscapes.nl/photo.html. Do you have a page where that is not the case?


Harrys před 2 lety

Hello David, Problem solved. Later I also asked on the forum elsewhere for help because I felt that the question did not belong here. According Laza I had done nothing wrong. So I started looking for an "external fault". To see my changes I usually use F5 (internet explorer) to refresh the Internet, what did not work this time. After cleaning the Internet temp files with a program (Ccleaner) I could see my changes worked just fine. Thanks, have a nice weekend. Greetings, Hay

David Ekholm

David Ekholm před 2 lety

Good that it sorted out!