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Min. verze jAlbum

* Displays JPG, PNG, and GIF images, MP4 videos, flat horizontal panoramics, and YouTube and Vimeo videos.
* On the thumbnail page, options for title bar content (including a theme image), multiple index page navigation, configurable links to external sites, a configurable uplink from the main page, a jump link from deeper folders to the main index, and a breadcrumb trail.
* User control over the image expander speed, background dimming effect, control bar type, and control bar position.
* User control over captioning options (position, titles, comments, file names, EXIF info, tooltip popups, image count, "NEW" label).
* Allows placement of buttons in the caption area for printing, opening the image in a new window, external links, a "mailto link" (to contact the album creator, for example), and/or a "send link" (to email a direct link to the selected image to someone else).
* Option, if images are geotagged, to place a link to Google maps in the caption area.
* Optional automated slideshow.
* Optional music tracks.
* Option to include a sliding thumbnail strip on the image page.
* Allows the user to choose any color combination, or to use one of several predefined styles. The ability to use custom colors makes the skin easy to integrate into an existing website. User may also apply background image/texture files to the pages, and insert a logo image at various locations on the page.
* User control over borders and shadows on all design elements - boxes, thumbnails, images.
* Allows the user to select a font family, to include a Google font, and to include a WOFF file, and to select font size, weight, style, and variant for each design element.
* Albums may include an information page that includes descriptive text, a small image, and an email contact link.
* User-configurable language support.
* Allows the user to insert a favicon link, a copyright notice, a meta description, a meta robots tag, and Google Analytics code.
* CSS and HTML code may be inserted into the finished albums via entries in the user interface.
* Produces code that passes W3C validation as HTML5 and CSS3.

Podporuje složkyZobrazí mapuMá slideshowVíce jazyková albaPodpora jAlbum widgetůZobrazuje EXIF ​​/ IPTCPoužívá JavaScriptFreewareHudba na pozadíPřechodové efektyPřehrává video soubory
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42.0.0 17.5.2017 (aktuální)

* Display of Google maps is now responsive to the size of the viewport (like the images). The default size of the maps may still be set independently of the image bounds, but the default settings are now higher, since there is no longer any danger of the map display being too large (on a laptop, for example). If you are updating an existing album, it is suggested that you increase the map dimensions - the new defaults are 1125x750 pixels (a 3:2 ratio, similar to most digital images).
* A change to accommodate the new audio control bar in Firefox 53. With the existing style attributes, it was invisible.
* An option to have the skin create a lifeboat.zip file when the album is made, which jAlbum will create only if you're using the built-in uploader rather than your own FTP client program. You should choose this option only if you are not using the jAlbum uploader.
* A change to allow the skin to accept web location objects (new in jAlbum 14). These are similar to the skin's own ability to link an image to an external site, but without the ability to control whether the link opens in a new window or the same window, and without the ability to have the link open in an image expander.
* There are now three options for the treatment of unsupported objects like PDF files, audio files, zip files, and so on. The skin can either link directly from the thumbnail to the file, or it can open a regular image expander showing a representing image for the object, or it can exclude the object from the album.
* Option to provide a download link in the caption area for unsupported objects like PDF files, audio files, zip files, and so on.
* Default video frame dimensions changed.
* Tightening of the routines for handling image-specific settings.
* Some minor CSS fixes involving image padding.
* Updated some links to user's manual pages.

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Sondertransport, s.r.o.

Sondertransport, s.r.o. před rokem

EN - MATRIX - excellent application with a wide range - thanks SK - MATRIX - výborná aplikácia so širokým spektrom - ďakujem * * * * *

Edward E Cragg

Edward E Cragg před 2 lety

I had a hard disk failure and have had to reload jAlbum. I have a license for jAlbum 11, but the new version of your skin delivers errors. Is it possible to get a version of the skin that will run on jAlbum 11?


jGromit před 2 lety

Answered via email, but click "Show All" and grab Matrix 11.6.0, the last one that's usable with jAlbum 11.


ChristianS před 2 lety

Hi there, this is a comment from the dark past: For some special reason I need a very old version of the Matrix-skin from around 2010/2011 which works with JAlbum 8.8. Is there any chance to get such a version? It's not listed anymore. I'm willing to do something interesting for this :) Thank you. Christian


jGromit před 2 lety

Email me - jg at myusername dot com.

Jeffrey Lane

Jeffrey Lane před 3 lety

Hi is this skin responsive in size


jGromit před 3 lety

Try the sample albums to see for yourself. The "slide" images adapt to the size of the viewport. The thumbnail table can do some stretching and shrinking, but isn't truly responsive.

Jan Willem Houweling

Jan Willem Houweling před 4 lety

MATRIX is my favorite! Great skin.