You share 1% of your images
– what are you doing with the other 99%?

Today, most of us share images on social media. But the images you share are probably only about 1% of all the photos you take with your mobile, pad and digital camera. What are you doing with the other 99% of your images that you don't share?

This is where jAlbum comes in, to get those 99%, today just collecting dust on your hard-disk, into action. jAlbum is optimized to handle huge amounts of images and present them in a personal way, anywhere on the internet.

Images presented through jAlbum range from families on holiday, photographers selling their images, organizations and sports clubs, collectors, and generally anyone with a passion for something. Hopefully, this article will shed at least a little light on why jAlbum is a great tool for all those images (and videos) hidden in the darkest corners of your hard-drive(s).

If you remember nothing else from this article, please keep these two things in mind:

  1. jAlbum is not for those 1% of your images you today share on social media. Keep doing what you already are doing.

  2. jAlbum is the perfect tool for those 99% of your images and videos that you currently are not sharing on social media.

The neat thing, when adding images to jAlbum, is that if you select a top level folder on your hard-drive containing sub-folders with all your images and videos, you now have them ALL uploaded to an organized web album presenting your images and videos in an amazing way. You can choose to keep the album private or share on social media. If you want to be really private you can even add password protection.
(Remember, jAlbum will never auto-index your hard-drive, you select what you want to include in your web albums.)

Here are some cool things you can do with jAlbum:

  • – Activate Google maps to display where your photos were taken

    – Activate the Shopping cart to sell images or anything else

  • – Activate batch watermarking to all images in just one click
  • – Activate social features such as Like and share buttons or Facebook  commenting
  • – Add search, tags, and filters to find and sort your images online
  • – Use the embed code to embed your albums to your own website or blog.
  • – Add custom about and contact pages
  • – Include originals, a great way to send images, videos or any other files.

So, get those 99% of your images and videos in action…
(…and the same thing goes for your (and your parents) old photo albums, get them out of the attic and put them into your bookshelf so you and others can enjoy them.)

Good luck,

Jason McMillion


Sample image presentation with lots of images organized in different albums.
(Remember, the only thing you have to do is to have your images/videos in different folders on your hard-drive and jAlbum uses your current organization to create a structured web image presentation for you.)