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We are honored – jAlbum featured on the cover of Shutterbug magazine including a 3 page article (test report) inside. 

Shutterbug is one of the leading photo magazines in the United States. George Schaub, Shutterbug's Editorial Director, was very nice and even wrote up a short summary for this blog post:

"Shutterbug is written for enthusiast photographers as well as those who earn a living or aspire to make money from their photography. Published for over 30 years, the magazine's watchwords are "Tools, Techniques, and Creativity." Shutterbug tests lighting equipment, cameras and lenses, as well as covers techniques that range from posing to HDR and lens selection to multi-flash usage. All Shutterbug writers, and the editor, are experienced photographers who bring their expertise to every page."

If you enjoy photography, I would really recommend Shutterbug - The magazine is filled with great articles
( a 3 page test report on jAlbum :)

Check out their website for more info:





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2 years ago webowner001

WOW, this is awesome. LOVE jAlbum and Good Job Guys ~ Keep it up. I know about this magazine, being here in Canada :)