Package se.datadosen.util

package se.datadosen.util
  • Class
    Convert bean state to attribute="value" attribute2="value2" ...
    Add JComponents to a subclass instance of this class or set a JComponentHolder as target.
    Utility class for synchronizing a Swing GUI with JavaBean properties.
    Support for other component types
    Support class for Replacer and Template
    Utility Color class
    Context sensitive help system Enables windows (JFrame and Dialog instances) to have a help button that opens context sensitive help based on what component / panel is currently being viewed.
    Provides better contextual information to Exceptions
    Utility class to simplify date display and date arithmetic
    Based on but without Sun specific classes
    Handle image loading and saving and decide if a certain file is supported by JAlbum
    Subclass of Date that prints itself according to the passed DateFormat class
    Executor that executes task when it has been idle for specified amount of time, i.e.
    Utility class to simplify common file related operations This class is LGPL licensed.
    Allow comboboxes to have item-value pairs.
    Classes implementing this interface indicate that they contain JComponents that are to be automatically synchronized with a bean or Property object using either the BeanBinder or PropertyBinder class
    Helper utility class to facilitate LookAndFeel related stuff
    Utility class for synchronizing a Swing GUI with a Map object.
    Add support for other component types
    Load a Media object from passed File or URI string
    Ensure that icons appearing on pull down menus won't get inverted when using Dark look and feel on Mac
    Objects that implement this interface and that are members of objects passed to Msg.maintainTranslated() will have their languageUpdated method called upon initialization and when there is a language change
    Note: Since v16, this class inherits from JsonObject instead of from JSONObject as we now use the updated json-simple3.0.1 library
    For Executors framework.
    Class that allows an arbitrary value to be tagged along a visible string Enables for instance JComboBoxes to display strings but also supply an arbitrary value with each item Similar to Item, but with the visible name being in focus (i.e.
    Wrap IOExceptions in this one if the underlying file system prevents an operation
    Tell jAlbum's data binding framework to persist the chosen string value for components implementing this interface The choice returned will also be exported as a String variable during album building
    Tell jAlbum's data binding framework to persist the chosen content (String list) for components implementing this interface
    This class is loaded early and should have no references to code within jalbum-core.jar
    HashMap that can be printed without risking ending in recursive loops if it contains recursive references.
    Utility class for synchronizing a Swing GUI with a Property object.
    Add support for other component types
    Multiple string search and replace utility.
    Thread that can report if the execution went fine or if an exception occured
    Thread safe SimpleDateFormat
    Like javax.script.ScriptException but with File reference
    Helper class to simplify error reporting when using javax.script.ScriptingEngine
    AbstractAction that allows the caller to pass a PropertyChangeListener reference that will be called when the slow work is starting and done.
    Similar to java.util.ResourceBundle, but handles property files containing UTF-8 encoded characters (auto-senses)
    Convert Strings to and from byte array representation with auto detecting and marking of UTF-8 and UTF-16 encodings.
    Speeds up page creation by allowing better parallelism.
    Manage version number comparisons properly.
    Utility class to bind the form components of a web based user interface to jAlbum variables Not for public use
    Experimental class to manage waiting for work to be completed in several threads.