Package net.jalbum.util

package net.jalbum.util
  • Class
    Mechanism to run a possibly long running background task that allows the user to abort it through the JProgressManager component.
    Run submitted tasks every 20ms until task returns false
    Extension to AtomicLong with methods to allow Groovy operator ++ and -- overloading
    Manage the caching of remotely fetched URLs in a local directory (the primary cache dir) Also synchronizes a target cache dir with the local cache dir.
    Extension to JOrtho's FileUserDictionary to also read words from a common wordlist file The format should follow that of Locale specific word lists, i.e.
    Manage long running tasks that can be aborted by user.
    Keeps track of method calls (frequency and timings)
    Utility class for QR code generation
    Marker class that tells that the members are unordered
    Manager of background data processing on any collection of objects (array, Collection or Stream).
    Enables efficient multi threaded (more than CPU cores) parallel stream processing.
    Work wraps any exception that's being thrown in WorkException.